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Red Sound Darkstar




redsound darkstar

infoCountry: UK
Weight: 2,5 Kg
Dimensions: 340 x 230 x 50 mm
audio demo trend price : 150€
manual demo video comments

Red Sound Darkstar (1999)
8 voices polyphonic synthesizer


A Dj-oriental synth module made in UK based on virtual sound modeling.

logo dark star
lfo digital

info DESKTOP MODULE optional rackmount kit (5 units) model "Rack-02". The main panel features a segment display, a control joystick, 14 knobs, 8 pads and 19 buttons.

Rear panel terminal connectors are:
- RCA input for external signal processing
- Midi interface
- RCA stereo out.

ac Power supply
is a 9V external PSU +) 800 mA.

edit VOICE XP2 synthesis is based on VA physical modelling generates 8 voices polyphony.

: there are 2 detunable oscillators per voice:
- OSC1: progressive from saw to square waveform with variable width.
- OSC2: is much more complex with same progressive OSC1 waveform plus special fromant mode. Also a noise generator with 3 colors pink/ white/ blue.
Oscillators can be ringmodulated in this way OSC1 > OSC2

progressive waveform

edit PERFORMANCE machine manages 5 parts each with individual settings:
- keyboard zone assignment
- Midi channel
- panning stereo
- gain volume
- pitch transpose
- monophonic mode (8 glide modes)
- aftertouch to filter
- aftertouch to LFO.



edit VECTOR the joystick can be used to control different parameters in real-time:
- vector mode mixes between part volumes
- ringmodulator ratio
- filter cutoff and resonance amount.




edit FILTER digital 2-poles resonant filter features 3 modes: lowpass, highpass and bandpass.
Special keyboard tracking at 25, 50, 100, 150% of cutoff compensation.



edit ENVELOPE there are 2 EGs with quite free routing:

  EG1 EG2
OSC1-2 amplitude hardwired -
OSC1-2 pitch yes yes
OSC1-2 width yes yes
filter resonance yes yes


LFO up to 2 interchangeable delayed digital modulators (shapes: ramp, triangle, square, sine, pulse, sample-hold and random). Modulators can be retriggered at notes, synched to external Midi clock at various dividers from 1/8th beat to 4 bars.
LFO Destinations are:
- OSC pulse width
- OSC amplitude
- OSC pitch
- stereo panning
- filter resonance



EXPANSION a special chip can be installed to add some vocoder functions, it is called the VOCODA just plug into the dedicated hatch under the machine. For some strange reason, the chip will not work on updated Dark Star XP2.

vocoda chip


edit MIDI all parameters are mapped to Midi CC# and the knobs transmit also this controller.

resound xp2 mainboard


- 64 RAM slots.
Patches and performances can be only saved to Midi exclusive dump.

resound xp2 mainboard



edit EDITOR not much softwares has been released for this module but the "Dark Star Editor".

xp2 editor




darkstar XP2

XP2 updated version with different design and some new features.

Darkstar mk1 vs XP2 differences: Mk1 features RCA instead of Jack, no headphones, lacks the XP2 chorus and special SINEWAVE mode (for OSC2).

redsound elevata ELEVATA is another VA from REDSOUND VIDEO


demo PadLFO
demo Sequence 1
demo Sequence 2 (filter)
demo Sequence 3 (formant)
demo Sequence ALESTE MSX
demo Bass Vintage
demo Pad filtered
demo Robot PWM
demo Bass with LFO
demo Speedup 303esh
demo Bass quite normal
demo Detuned synched
demo Chill chords
demo Drone?
demo House organ
demo Sequence (another)
demo Weird prodigy
demo Weird resonance trick
demo Commercial mellow
demo raw oscillator
demo raw osc ringmodulation
demo raw osc lfo sync
demo raw osc part 2
demo bass droning
demo panning slicer
demo dog darkstar bark
demo pad raw
demo FX bubbling
demo FX ringme
demo FX: Horror panning
demo TEST: 3 noises OSC2
demo TEST: ringmod
demo TEST: rectangle width range
demo TEST: filter
demo TEST: LFO range on pitch + shapes
demo TEST: OSC progressive waveshape
demo TEST : formant and sync


Red Sound Dark Star - examples of sound "Dark Star" Demo (Custom patches) RedSound DarkStar RedSound DarkStar
examples of sound Custom patches demonstration


darkstar groovebox


Company: Red Sound
Model: Darkstar
Class: Synth module
Dates: 1995
Price: 150€
Synthesis: Virtual analog
Polyphony: 8
Multitimbric: 16 parts
Oscillator: 2
Filter: BPF / HPF / LPF
LFO: 2
Memory: 64 slots
Demo: 41





Darkstar reset procedure

Press and hold down the [PROGRAM]
button power on. The main display will show ‘SURE’ to prompt confirmation of the load. Press the
MENU [EDIT] button marked ‘VALUE +’’


darkstar brochure
edit original brochure


darkstar brochure
edit original brochure


Red Sound Darkstar FOR SALE
Red Sound Darkstar FOR SALE









parameters values red logo darkstar cat

Company: Red Sound
Model: Darkstar
Class: Synth module
Dates: 1995
Price: 150€
Synthesis: Virtual analog
Polyphony: 8
Multitimbric: 16 parts
Oscillator: 2
Filter: BPF / HPF / LPF
LFO: 2
Memory: 64 slots
Demo: 41


REVIEW "interface is awkward and segment display does not help. No support. Anyway if you like it, the Xp2 is a better choice."

manual manual
-joystick mix -display / edit
- quite rare
  -RCA cinch is NOT a standard for module even gold-plated.


"The Analogue Synthesiser, mainstay of Seventies' and Eighties' music, is back, reinvented in a new, more reliable
and flexible form". Redsound

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