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Alesis Micron



alesis micron

infoCountry: USA
Weight: 3,5 Kg
Dimensions: 577,85 (d) x 69,85 (h) x 196,85 (w) mm
audio demo trend price : 200€
manual demo comments

Alesis Micron (2004)
Analog Modeling Synth


Portable virtual analog modeling synthesizer with opened synthesis system-

Acompact version of the famous Alesis ION, a complex, digital, cold and fascinating machine.

micron synth
edit interface

info KEYBOARD 37 velocity non-weighted, keys. Main panel features a display, 4 knobs, 12 buttons, an encoder, a pitch wheel and 2 assignable modulation sliders.

Rear panel terminal connectors:
- Midi interface
- main out signal + headphones
- external signal line input
- damper pedal input
- expression pedal input

ac Power supply
is an external PSU 9VAC-AC 1.5A (NOT DC!).


edit VOICE the Coldfire processor manages 8 voices polyphony.
A voice is composed by 3 digital oscillators with individual settings:

voices - octave set
- fine pitch tuning
- mix level
- stereo panning position
- monophonic with portamento and glissando
- stacked voice option (up to 8 in unison mode)
- analog drift emulates the transistor VCO temperature drift.


edit OSCILLATOR main synthesis system is based on 3 digital oscillators plus a pink / white noise.
Special waveshape smooths progressively a wave to pure sinewave.

osc The oscillators feature 3 waveforms:

- triangle / sawtooth
- sinewave
- pulse with variable width


edit SYNC OSC harmonic contents can be altered by 4 processes:
- FM frequency modulation: an oscillator controls the frequency of another with variable depth. The FM offers 6 presets models (3 linear + 3 exponential)
- ringmodulator is quite standard with variable depth
- hardsynch: master osc restarts the period of the slave one following 2 modes (refer to table)
- softsync: blends more smoothly the harmonics, also 2 different pathmodes (refer to table).

Mode Routing1 Routing2
hardsynch osc 2 -> osc 1 + osc 2 osc 3 -> osc 1 + osc 2
softsync osc 2 - > osc 1 osc 2 + osc 3 -> osc 1

demo Hear Hard SYNC

these are the "setups" with several playmode features:

- 2 split zones
- octave shift
- patterns: special looped sequences or arpeggios
- rhythms programmed drum loops
- 3 curves playmode: linear, exponential and logarithmic

edit FILTER 2 multimode indipendent resonant digital filters at 2/3/4/6/8 poles.


Up to 21 filter models including standard classic like 2/4 lowpass and special ones like formant or special resonance. FULL filter LIST

demo Hear filtering

edit Filters can be chained in any order in parallel or series, and special prefilter function defines the amount of sources send to the filters.

edit ENVELOPE Each EG is defined by a 4-segment ADSR plus some 2 extra parameters: attack and decay have different a linear or exponential initial shape and once an EG is engaged, the segments can be looped at definable points or retriggered from start or left in continous free flown mode.
3 EGs for each oscillator:

filter - EG1 amplitude

- EG2 filter

- EG3 pitch / AUX modulation (assignable).

LFO each OSC features bipolar 2 modulators (frequency range: 0,010 – 1000 Hz) with same specs:
- frequency sync with tempo dividers to patterns or Midi clock
- note retrigger
- natural desync
- sample & hold mode with lag smooth

LFo LFO shapes:
- triangle + 90 degrees phase shifted variation
- saw + 90 degrees phase shifted variation
- sine + 90 degrees phase shifted variation
- square + 90 degrees phase shifted variation.).

edit TRACKING GENERATOR a special 12 / 16 step grid can be drawn to define a special motion for 38 parameters for special moving texture effects.

edit MATRIX modulation is really completed, here's roughly the possible routings:

- LFO waveforms
- aftertouch
- EG1-2-3
- assignable sliders
- wheels
- velocity
- random
- expression pedal
- portamento level
- sample & hold

pitch osc1-2-3
- pitch whole/individual with limited octave range
- amplitude
- osc waveshape
- FM amount
- ringmodulation / noise amount
- portamento
- filter
- pan
- EG
- sample & hold

edit SEQUENCER classic edit functions: velocity edit, duration change, move note, cancel ...
use patterns can be recorded in 2 manners:


- real-time mode (records also knobs movements)
- step by step

The drum editor works in real-time or uses the special grid mode: 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2 or 4 bars and resolution at 8, 12, 14, 16, 20, 24, or 32 step per bar.

demo Hear Sequence

edit ARPEGGIATOR this functions includes 6 arpeggio motions:

arpeggiator - up, down, up and down, up + inclusive (pendulum mode), down + exclusive (does not play lowest and highest notes) and octave jump.

editb SYNC arpeggiator, drums editor and sequencer can be synched internally or by Midi clock.
Tempo frequency can be set manually or defined by tap tempo.

EFFECT 3 DSP sections:
- FX1: chorus, flanger, phaser and a 40-band vocoder (seems derived from Alesis Metavox effect)
- FX2: delay (mono or stereo) and reverb (plate, room and hall).
- boost: FX1 + FX2 outputs can be boosted by distortion, overdrive, fuzz and compressor

demo Hear Vocoder

edit MEMORY:

memory - 500 ROM presets

- 500 RAM patches slots

- 200 rhythm patterns.

EDITOR there are some computer-based editors:

micron editor

- hypersynth: complete but commercial (LINK)

- ctrlr editor: free but lacks matrix control (LINK)



Alesis Micron Blue Limited edition

Blue Limited edition same machine but different colors.

Alesis Ion

Ion bigger with more real-time controls, but essentially the synthesis engine is the same, in fact machines are patch-compatible but FX section, rhythm and patterns VIDEO

Akai Miniak Akai Miniak - is a Micron repackaging with same engine, but different performance set and vocoder VIDEO


advert2 patch
original advert strange patch  


Company: Alesis
Model: Micron
Class: Synthesizer
Dates: 2004
Keys: 37
Display: 16x2 LCD green
Synthesis: Virtual Analog
Synthesis: DSP
Resolution: 24 bits
Polyphony: 8 voices
Multitimbric: 8 parts
Oscillator: 3 digital
Filter: 2 Digital multimode
LFO: 2 modulators
Envelope: 3 EGs
Memory: 500 RAM slots
Effects: 2 DSP
Arpeggiator: yes
Sequencer: yes
Sync: Midi Clock
CPU: Coldfire
OS: latest 1.10?



demo Minisong only Micron 1
demo Minisong only Micron 2
demo Kraftwerk style
demo Retro Hammond organ
demo Digital atmosphere
demo Space deep filter
demo Old lounge strings
demo Aggressive synth
demo Hard SYNC mode
demo stupid
demo Modeled Flute
demo Bouncy bass
demo Sweep pad
demo Phase me
demo Distortion
demo THX portamento
demo EBM bass line cutoff
demo Various drum patterns
demo External signal filtering
demo Vocoder

demohave some Micron








Power on while holding: "OCTAVE DOWN", "PROGRAM", and "SETUP"




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edit Report Error


Alesis Micron FOR SALE

Alesis Micron FOR SALE







pitchbender micron title micron rear panel


REVIEW: "complicated machine, sound is for sure interesting and rich. Synthesis routing system is quite impressive - edit interface and tiny keyboards are awkward- a LOT of power, trapped in this unworthy silver box. A too soon forgotten machine."

manual manual
-flexible synthesis -deep edit is painful
- lacks charm

"Our first product in the line was our A6 Andromeda, a true analog synth considered by many to be the most powerful non-modular analog synthesizer ever made. Next came the Alesis Ion, praised as one of the most powerful and best sounding Analog Modeling synthesizers ever"
from Micron Manual (by modest guys at Alesis group)


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Alesis Micron Alesis Micron
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