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Creamware Minimax Asb




Creamware Minimax ASB

infoCountry: Germany
Weight: 3,4 Kg
Dimensions: 480 x 209 x 40/16 mm
audio demo trend price : 500€
manual video comments

Creamware Minimax ASB
Digital Rhythm Composer (2006)


A digital remake of classic cult Moog Minimoog D based on custom Virtual Analog technology called "Virtual Circuit Modelling "

The Minimax is part of the ASB series: Authentic Sound Box.

NOTE: pictures are taken from my MINIMAX (now sold) with custom Moog knobs.



info SYNTH MODULE main panel features a simple 3 characters display, a data encoder, 14 push buttons, 15 switch tabs, 6 knobs selectors and 21 pot knobs.

panel terminal connectors:
- main stereo out
- stereo input for external signal process (with gain)
- Midi interface
- USB1 interface.

ac Power supply is a 9V external AC or DC 12V / 1.5 A power supply with negative center.



edit VOICE main core based on ADI SHARK technology generates 12 voices at 44 hz - 32 bits resolution (source: Creamware).
A single voice is composed by up to 3 oscillators (digital) + 1 independent noise channel (white/pink) with own mix gain - special feedback internally connects the synthesizer’s output to the external for signal overdrive/saturation.
The module can be played with 2 different modes:
- monophonic : 1 voice with 3 osc
- polyphonic : 3 voices polyphony each with 3 osc (not multitimbric).




waves OSCILLATOR the virtual VCO 1-2-3 have different characteristics:


Level mix yes yes yes
Detune - yes yes
Octaves LO 32' 16' 8' 4' 2' same as VCO1 same as VCO1
Waveforms tri / saw/ sqr / wide pulse / narrow pulse / saw-tri same as VCO1 tri / saw/ sqr / wide pulse / narrow pulse / saw reverse


filter FILTER resonant lowpass at -24 dB/ octave filter with cutoff Frequency and contour amount around the Q point for resonance emphasis.
Special 3 modes key tracking:
- 1/3 octave per octave on the keyboard.
- 2/3 octave per octave
- full octave.



up to 2 EGs :
- EG1 VCF: 3-segments ADS + release
- EG2 VCA: 3-segments ADS + release.
Release can be added for both VCA and VCF simply pressing the apposite tab button, then release segment gets the same value as the decay one. A new Velocity EG system has been implemented to Miminax: the keyboard’s velocity modulates every level of the envelope.

eg adr

lfo LFO
the third VCO acts as a modulator to following destinations:
- LFO to VCO pitch
- LFI to VCF cutoff.
The frequency rate is defined by the modulation wheel amount (CC1).


- Glide original Minimoog low priority system, but also a new and better last-note-priority mode.
- EG decay switch with gate mode
- Aftertouch can be assigned to OSC3 LFO intensity / filter / loudness.


EFFECTS there are 2 kind of effects:
- Chorus / Flanger with variable depth, feedback rate and phase
- Stereo delay up to 1,5 second can be synched to Midi clock (72 - 192 BPM) at different time dividers.
TIP: the Minimax can process also external signal using both effect DSP or filter.



editMIDI all edit parameters are assigned to Midi Control Change which is pretty handy.
Full sysex implementation for sound backup.

edit MEMORY:
- 128 ROM
- 128 RAM.



edit EDITOR the module was sold with custom PC/Mac editor included "REMOTE SOFTWARE" - sadly it has not been updated since Windows XP and will never be in the future.


minimax editor




creamware klangbox CREAMWARE KLANGBOX - it's the minimax in a rack without the superb interface. Space and cost -saver.

roland tr505

MOOG MINIMOOG D is the little cheaper brother.
Even more compact, the 505 features less sounds, less sequencer functions, no more separate outs and no samples tuning options.

asb pro12
ASB PRO12 a modeled Sequential circuits polysynth Prophet 5 VIDEO
asb 4000 ASB b4000 a modeled Hammond B3 tonewheel organ (now project is FERROFISH) VIDEO

Other Creamware/Sonicore projects with Minimoog Minimax plugin - they should same the same as minimax:

- Noah / Noah EX VIDEO
- Use Audio Plugiator / Plugiator ASX VIDEO
- Creamware scope soundcard Minimax VIDEO


effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are some free and commercial samples set:

  name price link demo
EFM Oddse minimooge VA free
effet minimoogue
audio oddy Arturia Minimoog V $$ effet arturia video
odsay GFORCE minimonsta $$ effet gforce video


demo Creamware demo 1
demo Creamware demo 2
demo Creamware demo 3
demo Creamware demo 4
demo Minitrack: JMR
demo Synth: minimoog D
demo Synth: moogfunkoo
demo Synth: moog prodigy
demo Synth: more more modern
demo Synth: not another solo
demo Synth: EBM 4 ever
demo Synth: arpeggio
demo Synth: classic classic
demo Synth: edm
demo Synth: progressivo
demo Synth: yes go brass
demo Synth: hihop dream
demo Synth: too much LFO
demo Synth: led Morane
demo Synth: squared delay
demo Synth: 8 bits frog
demo Synth: c64 PWM
demo Synth: cool duck
demo Synth: step synth
demo Bass: Deutsch American Freundschaft
demo Bass: EBM world
demo Bass: line1
demo Bass: line2
demo Bass: french tale
demo Bass: pacman
demo Bass: precint
demo pad: frequency
demo pad: modulated
demo pad: poly1
demo pad: digital
demo pad: rumble
demo FX: bees
demo FX: bubbles
demo FX: horror
demo FX: noise
demo FX: ringmodulation
demo FX: techno siren
demo FX: crazy SID
demo TEST: EG
demo TEST: all LFo waves
demo TEST: basic VCO waveforms
demo TEST: noise pink noise
demo TEST: filter range
demo TEST: glide
demo TEST: flanger
demo TEST: delay
demo TEST: external loop filtering


demo2 video1 video3
Demo demo with sequencer demo3














Creamware Minimax ASB MANUAL


















Creamware Minimax ASB FOR SALE
Creamware Minimax ASB FOR SALE




circuit circuit circuit


- extra memory & Midi
- less expensive than original machine


- outdated virtual analog
- no keyboard
- display
- no customer care, no more update.


REVIEW : "A nice plugin in a box with a great interface, but 10 years after the technology made some superior Minimoog plugin, even if the original mono king cannot be beaten. Can be nice but don't pay it too much."


logo creamware

"The Sound: digitally remastered down to each detail. Pro-Proof. A full fat, dynamic Filter, which offends and provides grip, which keeps you warm and whistles like teapot on steam oven"




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Creamware Minimax ASB 3.5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. price €500