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Yamaha TQ-5


yamaha tq5

"FM box with strange design, originally designed to be paired with PF-1500 electric piano. Basically it's a YS-200 desktop module version, with same structure of famous rackmount TX81z in cheap4 OP class FM synthesis."


OVERVIEW 24 push buttons, 1 rotary volume knob and a numeric pad for data entry; large classic LCD orange backlit display with 40 x 2 lines with strange clock and calendar functions :) 
>Test program: press and hold "EXIT" + "STORE" + "EFFECT"

RELATED:  4OP synth exemples:
-DX9   (1983) first 4 OP incompatible with other 4 Op DX line
-DX21 (1985) bitimbric layer with chorus and pitch EG
-DX100 (1985) same as dx21 with minikeys
-DX27 (1985) simpler DX 21 version - also a "S" varitation with internal speakers
-Fb01 (1986) simple 4OP module- also TQ5
-DX11 (1986) a Tx81z version with 8 waves 
-YS200 (1988) consumer 4 OP version with sequence
-V50 (1989) top 4 OP series with sequencer + drum machine
-MSX CX5M (1984) computer with 4 OP SFG module

Terminal connectors: 
1- headphones out 
2- main stereo signal out L+ R 
3- Midi interface 
4- PSU input 15 VDC positive center (original is model PA-1505)
5- Power switch

yamaha tq5


TECH CPU Hitachi manages 8 voices polyphony- DAC is based on a IC YM3017.  
Main IC chip YM2414B features 4 OP + 8 combinations. Internal ROM contains a stored digital half sinewave on a lookup table that can be read in different way and speed, creating 7 harmonics sinewaves variations with partials overtones and fundamentals fixed settings.
>NOTE: The module does not feature "more waveforms" than DX7 and thus not more "powerful" as this trick just compensates the lacks of 2 OP.

PERFORMANCE the FM voices can be assigned to 8 parts each with independent settings:  analog mix level / detune amount  /note limit assign / Midi channel assign / effect amount  / panning position. Portamento glide is not implemented unlike tx81z or other 4 OP DX.

EFFECTS Up to 9 effects based on YM3413 IC:  hall, plate, room, delay, stereo delay, stereo echo, distortion+ reverb, distortion + echo, gate reverb and reverse gate. 
yamaha tq5

FM Synthesis

SYNTHESIS  4 digital sinewave operators - OP - organized as algorithms, assigned as either carrier or modulator, linked between them on different pathways interacting on their harmonic contents depending on the varable feedback strength. 
- carrier defines the amplitude and the spectral frequency
- modulator sets the sound timbre and the relative harmonic contents.

ALGORITHMS TQ5  features several OP signalpaths combinations with frequency ratio or fixed frequency: the output is fed back to its input with 7 feedback levels, as general rule, high values feedback results in richer harmonic contents.
>NOTE: the processor design reveals some limits and cannot layer some particular algorithm combinations.

Sounds, songs can be saved to Midi exclusives or to internal RAM CARD model MCD-32 (bigger MCD-64 are compatible, but wasted) 
100 ROM patches (preset list)  + 100 RAM patches. BATTERY REPLACEMENT involves soldering a new lithium 3V CR-2032 on the mainboard.

tq5 motherboard

LFO / EG / Sequencer

LFO up to 2 delayed and retriggerable modulators (shapes: sawtooth, square, triangle and sample & hold) frequency range from 0.007 Hz to 50 Hz).  LFO1 to amplitude and LFO2 to pitch. 

ENVELOPE: 4 EGs: each OP features 1 amplitude EG (4-segments)

SEQUENCER manages up to 8 tracks, 10,000 notes /  8 songs / 999 bar with some presets accompaniment styles: piano, pops, fusion, rock, jazz, latin, classic. Time signature can be assigned to 1/4, 4/4, 1/8, 8/8, up to 999 measures. Some classic functions like quantisize (from 1/48 up to 1/4 notes) , copy, cancel, insert.

SYNC: internal tempo range from 60 to 180 BPM or sync-clock to external Midi signal

yamaha tq5

Yamaha TQ5 specifications

Company: Yamaha
Model: TQ5
Class: Digital Module
Country: Japan
Dates: 1988
Trend price : 150 € UP
Display: 40 x 2 lines LCD
Synthesis: FM
Oscillators - 4 FM operators with 8 waveforms
Polyphony: 8 voices
Multitimbric: 8 parts
Oscillator: 4 OP
Algorithms: 8 models
Filter: none
LFO: 2 modulators
Envelope: 4 EGs
Memory: 100 ram slots
Effects - reverb, chorus, echo, distortion
Sequencer: 8 tracks
Sync: Midi
Midi: IN / OUT /THRU
DAC: YM3017
IC: YM2414B
Weight: 5 Kg
Dimensions: 280 (w) x 234 (h) x 70 (d) mm

video demo

Do you use this machine ? do you like it?  Let us know in the comment field just below 


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Yamaha TQ5 Yamaha TQ5
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