Yamaha YS200

Frequency Modulation Synthesizer (1988)

keyboard with strange design, sound is a FM variation of traditional DX 6 OP with simple 4 OP like famous tx81z  or TQ5 adding a sequencer


OVERVIEW 61 keys, covering 5 octaves which supports both velocity sensitivity and aftertouch  /  Split mode and Multi mode can be assigned. On the left wheels for pitch bend and modulation control are provided on the left side of the keys.  Simple LCD display and a built slot card for sound storage

-Yamaha EOS B200 same with built-in stereo speakers. 
- Yamaha TQ5 more or less the module version
- Yamaha YS100 same but lacks the built-in sequencer and aftertouch

Terminal connectors:
- Midi Interface (19abc)
- main signal out stereo (22)
- pedal input for volume (20)
- pedal input for sustain (21)
- breath controller input like BC1 or BC2 (front)
- headphones (front)


OSCILLATORS  HD63C03YP  +SUB manages 8 voices polyphony-  DAC ym3017
Main IC chip YM2414 features 4 OP + 8 combinations - unlike DX7 synthesis based on a 6 operators system with just pure sine wave and 32 combinations algorithms. Internal ROM contains a stored digital half sinewave on a lookup table that can be read in different way and speed, creating 7 harmonics sinewaves variations with partials overtones and fundamentals fixed settings.

ALGORITHM  YS200 features several OP signal paths combinations with frequency ratio or fixed frequency: the output is fed back to its input with 7 feedback levels, as general rule, high values feedback results in richer harmonic contents.
 - carrier defines the amplitude and the spectral frequency
- modulator sets the sound timbre and the relative harmonic contents.

LFO 2 X delayed and re-triggerable modulators (shapes: saw tooth, square, triangle and sample & hold, frequency range from 0.007 Hz to 50 Hz).
- LFO1 to amplitude
- LFO2 to pitch

Effect , sequencer, memory

EFFECTS  digital dsp: reverb, delay, and distortion. 

SEQUENCER  8 tracks with quantisizer option, an approximate capability of 16000 notes, a maximum of 8 songs at a time.
Songs are stored in RAM and can also be saved to or loaded from an optional MCD  card

MEMORY up to 300 patches more can be saved to cards like MCD32 or MCD64

Yamaha YS200 Specifications

Manufacturer Yamaha
Dates 1988
Keyboard 61 key
Screen: 40 x 2 character LCD

Polyphony 8-voice
Oscillator 4-Operator Synthesis type FM 4 operators

Aftertouch expression Yes
Velocity expression Yes

Storage memory 100 preset, 100 user, 100 card
Effects Reverb, delay, distortion

Sequencer Resolution: 30000 8 tracks
HD63C03YP +- DAC ym3017
Main IC chip FM YM2414 

Power Consumption: 15 watts
Dimensions: 990 mm x 320 mm x 105 mm 
Weight: 6.9 kg

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