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Korg Prophecy



Korg Prophecy
audio demoCountry: Japan
Weight: 5,7 Kg
Dimensions: 740 (w) x 280 (h) x 100 (d) mm
audio demo trend price : 200€
manual demo video comments

Korg Prophecy SSP-1
Solo Synthesizer (1995)


A complex machine with virtually infinite sounds based on MOSS technology: a mix of virtual analog and acoustic emulation.

solo synthesizer

info KEYBOARD 37 velocity keys with aftertouch.
The main panel features a 40 X2 lines display, 7 knobs and 40 push buttons. In addition 5 assignable knobs for real-time parameters, 2 wheels for pitch bending and modulation with an extra special 3-axis wheel with ribbon control.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- card slot for memory card
- stereo signal out
- Midi interface
- input for special EC-5 external controller
- footswitch input


edit TECH CPU UPD-70433GD + H8 (3003) manage 1 voice based MOSS Multi Oscillator Synthesis System - MOSS synthesis is complicated but offers great sonic possibilities aimed to emulate modelled acoustic brass and reed instruments. A Prophecy patch can be created using 4 elements:

multi mode - MOSS digital oscillator 1 (5 v.a models)
- MOSS digital oscillator 2 (same models)
- digital white noise
- suboscillator 4 shapes: sinewave, square, sawtooth and triangle.



waves MOSS OSCILLATOR each digital MOSS oscillator can be set to 1 of the 7 V.A models: 4 Virtual Acoustic sound generations + 1 special VA "APM" with 3 submodels. Here's detail about it:

Virtual Acoustic   APM
pot1 Standard Osc is a virtual analog emulation of traditional analog synthesis based on DSP basic waveforms: sawtooth, triangle and rectangular with variable width.

pot1 Comb filter Osc is a comb generated filter, feedback loop with lowpass filter that extracts harmonics contents out of a white noise.

pot1 VPM frequency modulation based on simple 2OP Operators structure modulated by waveshaping process: a waveform amplitude distortion that alters the harmonic spectrum contents, previously implemented 01W synthesizer.

pot1 Modulation Osc is a classic modulation processor able to create ring modulator, frequency sync and crossmodulation between oscillators.


multi mode Acoustic physical modeling (APM) acoustic instruments physical recreation characteristics like air pressure into reed or brass instruments with variable sound articulations and expressions controls.This physical modeling generates 3 submodels: pluck, reed and brass.

multi mode APM Pluck Osc an ihnarmonic generation of plucked waves like guitar of bass models. Typical parameters are: pluck attack intensity, based on finger to plectrum, bridge simulation with variable inharmonic contents.

multi mode APM Reed model emulates reed instruments characteristics e.g air pressure, noise and modulation or breath. 13 reed templates ready to go including oboe, saxophone and recorder.

multi mode APM Brass model offers 3 main parameters definitions:
- Pressure defines the breath strength
- Lip simulates the lips tension on the instruments changing the sound color.
- Bell attenuates the tone signal, like muted brass instruments.



waves MOSS ALGORITHMS Tsound generators can be chained in pair following 12 algorithms:

Alg. OSC1 OSC2
1 Standard OSC Standard OSC
2 Standard OSC Comb Filter OSC
3 Standard OSC VPM OSC
4 Standard OSC Modulation OSC
5 Comb Filter OSC Comb Filter OSC
6 Comb Filter OSC VPM OSC
7 Comb Filter OSC Modulation OSC
9 VPM OSC Modulation OSC
10 APM Brass OSC  *
11 APM Reed OSC  *
12 APM Pluck OSC *
multi mode

TECH: *Acoustic physical
modeling APM cannot use
combinations for DSP limit.

lfo LFO up to 4 delayed digital modulators, frequency range from 0 to 60 Hz also syncable to external Midi clock like sequencer or drum machines. A vast array of 26 LFOs shapes with variable start phase offset.

LFO demoHear LFO modulator

adsr ENVELOPE up to 6 EGs, 4-segments structure + 5 time levels:
The Prophecy response also features 8 dynamic curves.

EG - EG 1 is routed to amplitude
- EG 2 is routed to pitch
- EG 3-4-5-6 are freely assignable to *quite* any parameters

filter FILTER features 2 identical filters at -12d/B octave combined in both serial or parallel way.
Each filter can be set to a 1 of 3 filter modes:

filter - lowpass
- highpass
- bandpass and reject
demoHear resonance filter

5 preset patterns, adjustable velocity and gate length and 3 directions: up, down and random.

korg prophecy SYNC Both arpeggiator and LFO can be synched to external Midi clock, but it is reported that earlier Prophecy operating systems OS have some tempo issues.

fx EFFECT DSP generates 7 models: distortion, wah, EQ, chorus, flanger, delay and reverb.
Hear Flanger


memroy MEMORY;

- 128 editable memory patches
- 1 custom arpeggio slot
- 64 others on S-Ram card model Korg SCR-512.

battery replacement


a cr2032 3V in a battery holder, quite easy.


edit CARD EXPANSION some different models were available, but they are basically plain sysex you can find on the net, we will soon share the file (DOWNLOAD) as these cards are no more available on the market.

Model Title Pic Download
KORG PHC-11 "Analogue & Vintage " n/a n/a
KORG PHC-12 "Modern Models" korg phc12 n/a


fx OS DOWLOAD Last eprom sets (2) are OS #20. firmware update - A very NICE gift from Edward dtech.lv

eprom propehcy

fxDOWNLOAD -TMS 27C240-10 + TMS 27C210A-10 OS DUMP package V1.6 + V2.0


memroy CUSTOM
the Prophecy seems to be widely used in eastern Europe countries (the amza) and Balkans, appreciated for matching some typical music with different scales interval tones.
Below custom model with :

custom2 prophecy arabic
touch keyboard by Ken Mc Beth funny accordion keys


- Soundquest (PC/MAC commercial) PIC
- Progenie (old PC OS , commercial) PIC
- Prophy (Atari ST / Falcon, FREE) PIC
- CTRLR panel (open source, FREE) pic below

custom prophecy accordion version



korg z1

Z1 polyphonic brother with more APM modeling models, enhanced analog emulation with progressive waveforms. The big polyphonic brother totally obscured the Prophecy.


SOLO-TRI board optional adds MOSS synthesis to Trinity keyboards.


effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION no official Korg plugin, however some physical modeling synthesis plugin VST - also some free and commercial samples set:

free sample pack rhythm lab 35 MB free sample pack


demo factory song with flute, moog
demo digeridoo
demo flangered
demo padlayer
demo various electronic sounds
demo full prophecy track + loops kindly sent by Federico Pasiecznik- thanks!
demo full prophecy track + loops kindly sent by Federico Pasiecznik- thanks!
demo please do send some of your Prophecy audio clips :)


Korg Prophecy Product Overview Korg prophecy Korg prophecy  patches KORG PROPHECY DEMO
Product Overview patches DEMO


Company: Korg
Model: Prophecy
Class: synthesizer
Keyboard: 37 keys
Dates: 1995
Display: 40 X 2 lcd
Technology: MOSS
Synthesis: virtual acoustic
Algorithms: 12 models
Polyphony: 1 voice
Multimbral: 1 part
Oscillators: 2
Filter: 2 X LPF / HPF / BPF
LFO: 4
Envelope: 6 Egs
Effect: 7 models
Arpeggiator: yes
Sync: Midi clock
Memory: 128 Slots
Midi: IN / OUT / THRU
CPU: UPD-70433GD + H8
Demo: 7


korg prophecy high res





reset procedure

Go to "GLOBAL" screen 19 then press "ENTER".
Patches should reset also.


-More demo
-FREE samples collection




magazine scan
manual original Brochure


italian brochure
manual original advert

manual the prodigy






duphononic prophecy edit panel back machine


REVIEW " Moody solos at your fingertip! Not as good as Yamaha VL for breath emulation, also Prophecy lacks a decent breath control. If you prefer chords and pads check out the Korg Z1 model instead"

manual manual
- Performance control -Hard to tame
MOSS sound -display
-now affordable - No good breath controls


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Korg Prophecy Korg Prophecy
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