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Korg 01R/W
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Korg 01R/W
info Country: Japan
Weight: 5 Kg
Dimensions: n/a
audio demo trend price : 150
manual factory sounds demo video comments

Korg 01R/W
Synth module (1991)


Rackmount digital module of the Korg 01 synthesizer.

Tge direct evolution from KORG M1 keyboard and T series including a new interesting digital sound process WAVESHAPING technology.

korg 01 w display

info RACKMOUNT 2 units. Main panel features a backlit 240 x 64 pixels display, 37 buttons and 1 data slider.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- main signal out
- AUX outs
- Midi interface
- double assignable pedalswitche inputs.

Front panel terminal connectors:
- headphones out
- 2 card slots for data and PCM.


edit SOUND modules based on a 16 bits NEC V50 (μPD70216) CPU manages 32 voices polyphony based on Korg AI2 synthesis with a DAC Burr Brown PCM55HP.
A basic patch is composed 1 or 2 samples (oscillators) that can be set in 2 manners:
- single: 1 oscillator per sound
- double: 2 oscillators per sound.
Just a few oscillator parameters can be edited including: volume, tuning, panning and delay startwave.



waveshaping WAVETABLE internal 6 MB ROM contains 255 PCM coded at 32 kHz wavetable including 3 kinds of samples categories:
- acoustic instruments
- FM sampled
- mathematically generated.

sample wavetable

waveshaping EXPANSION More waves can be added using special PCM cards also compatible with 03RW.
list is NOT complete, cards picture from ebay auction we do not have them yet.

sample wavetable

name n. cards catalog producer picture
Best of M&T 2 XPC-01 + XSC-801 Korg card
Orchestral 2 XPC-02 + XSC-802 Korg card
Piano/Keyboard   2 XPC-03 + XSC-803 Korg  
Dance 2 XPC-04 + XSC-804 Korg card
Synth Design  2 XPC-05 + XSC-805 Korg card
Ethnic 2 XPC-06 + XSC-806 Korg  
Rock chronicle  1   Korg card
Sounds alternative 1 XPC-11 Korg card
Urban dance pop 1 W03 Sound source card
Radical film texture 1 W04 Sound source card
Industrial cybertech 1 W08 Sound source card

waveshaping WAVESHAPER digital process changes the harmonics contents of a sample distorting it with 59 cycled waveforms each with specific spectral harmonics. Waveshapes are not really editable except for the shaping envelope + amount applied to the sample.
AUDIO EXAMPLE MP3 demo the wave sinewave starts with no waveshaper then processed with same EG through the 59 waveshapers one after one. Below how the waves changes.
TECH :Years later waveshaping had been re-implemented on korg synthesizers including: Z1- Prophecy - Microkorg XL


keyboard PERFORMANCE system manages 8 combination parts and some individual parameters:
- Midi channel
- pitch detune
- transpose
- volume / pan
- split zone
- analog out assign.

korg 01rw

fx LFO 3 digital modulators MGs:
- LFO MG1 modulates oscillator 1
- LFO MG2 modulates oscillator 2
- LFO MG3 modulates filter VDF cutoff (the MG VDF can be activated individually to OSC1 or OSC2).
Some extra LFO functions like delay start, note retrig, modulation by aftertouch and ajustable depth.
5 possible waveforms: triangle, saw-up, saw-down, square and random.


filter ENVELOPE 5 digital EGs:
- EG VDA 1 amplitude for oscillator 1: 4 segments EG + 3 times
- EG VDA 2 amplitude for oscillator 2: 4 segments EG + 3 times
- EG VDF filter: 4 segments EG + 3 time
- EG pitch: 3 segments model + 3 times.

filter FILTER the VDF is a digital 2-poles lowpass filter, the emphasis Q emulation acts as resonance replacement (same as KORG M1) Extra Keytrack function for cutoff.


fx EFFECT double engine processors at 16 bits in serial or parallel mode.
This section offers 47 different effects such as reverb, delay, overdrive, EQ, chorus, rotary speaker and some combo of them.

sequencer SEQUENCER 16 tracks recordable by real time or step by step mode. Recording system handles various handy functions such as: OVERWITE, PUNCH IN, LOOP, OVERDUB, TRANSPOSE, FILTER EVENT, BOUNCE, COPY TRACK, VELOCITY MODIFY.
SYNC sequencer can be set to external or internal Midi clock in master or slave mode.


lfo EDITOR some computer-based editors for 01w and 01RW:
- Midiquest (PC/MAC, commercial)
- Soundtower 01wEditPro (PC, commercial)
- Atari EMC editor (atari ST)

korg 01w editor

fx MAINTENANCE 2 common issues:

-after some years the screen may disappear as well as sound generation. Some bad capacitors leak inside creating corrosion around tracks, some luck there is no custom KORG IC around, I had to replace these: C85, C29 and C30, C102, C103 and C130.
It seems that NOT all series suffer from this problem.

- display backlight: LCD fades out you have to replace the E-foil. Quite easy to do requiring some basic soldering skills.

right picture: bad capacitors alert!



- 200 RAM patches
- 200 RAM combi
- 10 songs
- 7000 notes
RAM doubled using l RAM card Korg SRC-512.
TECH: RAM works with a CR-2032 battery in a holder.

korg 01rw internal



01w family


-01/W classic 61 key version

-01/W FD same as 01w with additional disk drive

-01/Wpro 76 keys version with drive and an extra piano wavetable

-01/WproX 88 versions weighted, drive and special piano wavetable. 10 Mb with some extra sampled piano and more drum PCM waveforms

korg 03rw

Korg 03rw budget spinoff, compact, tt misses all Waveshaper features.




  name price demo



demo Song: full 01 with overdub
demo Song: factory1
demo Song: factory2
demo Song: factory3
demo Song: factory4
demo Song: factory5
demo favourite: 01 choir
demo favourite: 01 deep
demo favourite: bells
demo favourite: string pad
demo favourite: LFO bright
demo piano: reverb
demo piano: pan
demo EP: tines dx
demo EP: wurlirhodes
demo Organ: brake
demo Organ: clickpercussion B3
demo Organ: baviera
demo Organ: old transistor
demo Vintage: old OBX
demo Vintage: Minimoog D
demo Bass : acoustic
demo Harp: delicate pan
demo Guitar: Ultima V ballad
demo Choir: aftertouch
demo Choir: a bit mellotron
demo Strings: synthetics
demo Strings: chords
demo Pad: tremolo
demo Pad: ambient
demo Pad: resonance
demo Pad: M1 Lore
demo Pad: vector
demo Pad: magic
demo Pad: panning
demo Pad: easy
demo Pad: progression
demo Pad: drama sweep
demo Pad: relax sweep
demo Synth: arpeggio bells
demo Synth: PPG
demo Synth: simple square
demo Synth: mistery
demo Synth: resonance test
demo Synth: digital 1
demo Synth: digital 2
demo Synth: another mistery
demo Synth: phaser fx
demo Drum: standard kit
demo Drum: tr808 kit
demo Drum: industrial kit
demo Drum: taiko
demo Drum: percussion
demo FX : com
demo FX: modulation
demo FX: random computer
demo FX: abyss
demo FX: looped
demo FX: drain pipe
demo FX: flangered
demo FX: movie bend
demo FX: waveshaper
demo FX: tigers
demo FX: space o trip


Korg 01 R W - 100% sounds demo Romancing
Korg 01 R W - 100% sounds demo Romancing

korg01rw hi res picture


factory patch load

factory patch load


Korg 01rw factory reset procedure

switch on holding [COMPARE] [RESET] buttons


banner 01rw

brochure 3
edit original brochure


01RW for sale

01RW for sale




banner 01rw






banner 01rw


banner 01rw

motherboard  eprom Korg KLM ram


- m1 relative
- waveshaping


- some PCM
- common hardware issues


REVIEW: "A super M1 bread- n- butter stuff and some nice synths. It may be interesting for special waveshaper and digital pads."





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korg 01rw 3.5 out of 5 based on 33 ratings. price 150