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Emu Proformance 1




emu proformance

audio demo Country: USA
Weight: N/A
Dimensions: N/A
audio demo trend price : 50€
manual demo comments

Emu Proformance / 1 (aka model 9101)
16 bit True Stereo Piano Module (year 1994)


Portable Midi expander focused on piano and Rhodes sounds.

The "PLUS " VERSION is an updated version and ROM soundset.

technical data
piano module

info MODULE half unit main panel features 5 knobs.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- MIDI interface
- main signal stereo out

ac Power supply is an external PSU 9V AC-AC 1A and *NOT* common AC/DC.



edit VOICE main CPU (based on Motorola? - not sure) manages up to 16 voices polyphony.
The hardware is basically a slimmed-down Emu Proteus module with just a few edit facilities knobs:


- volume gain.
- fine master tuning
- transpose note (± 1 or 2 octaves)
- Midi channel select
- patch select.

demo Hear rhodes samples


WAVETABLE a non-expandable 2 Mb ROM (double if "plus" option #9106 is present) samples coded at 39 Hz - 16 bits resolution.

audio demo sounds - volume gain.
- fine master tuning
- transpose note (± 1 or 2 octaves)
- Midi channel select
- patch select


midi MIDI
some basic MIDI Control changes:
- Pitch bender
- Modulation
- Sustain damp
- Sostenuto (CC#66)
- Soft (CC#67)
- Split Point only (only on "Plus")

PERFORMANCES features 3 different playmodes:

- polyphonic

- monophonic

- multitimbral

demo Hear piano sample

emu proformance


memroy MEMORY:
- 15 presets ROM
- 16 extra presets if PLUS option present .
No RAM and no possible storage--> no battery inside.
Proformance cannot save any sounds, but you cannot edit them neither.


Proformance "standard" " PLUS " new sounds

* Dark Grand
* Classic Grand
* Mellow Ivory
* Rock Piano
* Honky Tonk
* Mellow Chorus
* Modern Rock
* Dark Touch
* Rock Touch
* Mellow Touch
* Classic Touch
* Melllow Patterns
* Rock Patterns
* Dark Patterns
* Classic Patterns

demo Hear vibes

* Warm Electric Piano
* Studio Electric Piano
* Electric Organ
* Rock Organ
* Straight Vibes
* Bright Vibes
* Acoustic Bass/Piano
* Electric Bass/Organ
* Synth Tines
* Piano Bell
* Acou Bass/Electric Piano
* Acoustic Bass/Vibes
* Electric Bass/Piano
* Acoustic Bass/Organ
* Elec. Bass/Elec.Piano
* Very Bright Piano
* Ice Keys


proformance demo original music with proformance
demo1 original music

Company: EMU
Model: Proformance /1
: module
Dates: 1990
Display: none
Synthesis: PCM rompler
Resolution: 16 bits
Sampling rate: 39 kHz
Polyphony: 16 voices
Sounds: 15 presets
ROM Memory: 2 mb

Midi: IN / OUT/ THRU
CPU: Motorola?
Demo: 2



demo piano
demo rhodes piano
demo vibes





Reset factory All the presets are held in ROM and there are no RAM presets. There is no facility to re-initialize the module.

-more demo


Emu Proformance for sale

Emu Proformance for sale




emu america analog and midi I/O few knobs


solid solid
plastic design pcm obsolete


REVIEW"little box for little budget. Old technology and no edit! if you enjoy those nineties piano."

manual manual
-interface - limited eidt
- PCM are outdated
"The PROFORMANCE/1, 16-bit True Stereo Piano Module provides you with the rich, true-stereo sound of a concert grand piano at a fraction of the cost of an acoustic piano.
Subtle nuances of the hammers, strings and soundboard are all captured with amazing detail" - Manual

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Emu Proformance /1 Emu Proformance /1
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