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Emu Proteus 1




emu proteus 1

infoCountry: USA
Weight: 2 Kg
Dimensions: n/a
audio demo trend price : 50€
manual demo video comments

Emu Proteus /1 (1989)
16 bit Multi Timbral Digital Sound Module


First module rompler produced by famous American sampler company EMU.
An affordable collection of bread and butters pop sounds from Emulator III archive.

The proteus series do not have filter, which is now a pretty big miss.

proteus 1  module

info RACKMOUNT MODULE 1 rack unit mainly made out of plastic.
Main panel features a 16 x 2 LCD display, 1 volume knob, 1 data encoder and 4 push buttons.

Rear panel terminal connectors:
- main signal out
- 4 individual outputs (subs with possible external insert)
- Midi interface
- VDE power



edit VOICE main core based on a Motorola MC68000 manages up to 32 channels polyphony with six 16 bits PCM56P DAC. A voice is composed by 2 PCM elements samples "primary" and "secondary" with some edit parameters:

motorola 68000 - pitch tuning (fine and coarse)
- keyzone assignment
- start delay
- stereo panning
- mix level
- reverse playback
- chorus mode (thicks voice)

edit WAVETABLE internal 4Mb ROM (8 X rom ICs) 125 PCM waves at 39 kHz / 16 bits resolution.

wavetable PCM wavetable contains all kind of sounds samples e.g: piano, string, sax, trumpet, brass, guitar, bass, organs, drums, percussions and basic waveforms (digital, square, harmonics, short-cycled).
demo HEAR piano


edit EXPANSION some different upgrades were available:
- XR: extra RAM adds 192 new slots
- Plus Orchetral extra rom adds 4 MB of orchestral sounds (same found on PROTEUS 2 module)
- Invision Protologic third part board with 4MB extra ROM.

invision protologic

- LEFT -
invision protologic quite rare.

any more info?

write us !

demo HEAR orchestral SOUND XP


PERFORMANCE up to 16 parts with some special functions:

- solo monophonic mode (for OSC1/OSC2/BOTH)
- crossfade balance between primary and secondary
- pitchbend range (+/- 1 OCT)
- 3 footswitch assignable controls (eg: sustain, portamento, hold...)
- key velocity control
- scale tuning 5 presets (equal, vallotti, just C, 19 tone, gamelan) + 1 user free.

demo HEAR 2 patch layer

editLFO a single oscillator (4 shapes: triangle, saw, sinewave and square) for each layer.
Main modulation destinations are:

lfo - LFO 1 amplitude
- LFO 2 pitch
Modulation can be assigned also to the matrix modulation


classic fuction routing by EMU, well-known to samplers. Here's a sum-up:


- Velocity
- Key Number
- Trigger Tempo (Rate)
- assignable MIDI A
- assignable MIDI B
- assignable MIDI C
- assignable MIDI D

- Pressure
- Pitch Wheel

- Pitch
- Accent
- Attack
- Hold
- Decay
- Pitch Env. Amount /decay
- Panning
- Tone
- Sample Start
- LFO Rate / Amount



edit ENVELOPE there are 3 EGS with structure : 4 segments + 2 times, called DAHDSR which standas for: Delay, Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain, and Release. In addition 4 preset velocity curves.

EG ad - EG primary sample amplitude
- EG secondary sample amplitude
- AUX (assignable) EG can be assigned to the matrix control
TIP: Special "Alternate" mode plays the EG forward and then Backward.


edit MIDI
full sysex commands and some basic CC controls including: panning, modulation and 4 assignable controllers ABCD (see "matrix" below).

- 128 ROM patches
- 64 RAM slots
Sounds can be saved only using Midi sysex, no external medias.
Battery replacement: soldered Lithium BR2-3 3V battery (see picture below)

internal proteus

LEFT - Battery replacemen: soldered lithium battery 3V model BR2/3a.

- Click to Enlarge pic -



- DISPLAY dead dark zones on the display like stain

- ENCODER: after some times the encoder may go random just clean it with Q-tip and dedicated liquid product.

lcd dark

I attempted to mod it with a circuit bending, but no great results, some exemple audio clips in the DEMO section

circuit bending




proteus mps PROTEUS MPS basically a keyboard version with added a DSP EFFECT and external RAM storage.

proteus 2

PROTEUS 2 different ROM based on orchestral instruments VIDEO

proteus 3 PROTEUS 3 different ROM based on ethnic worldl instruments VIDEO
procussion PROCUSSION different ROM based on ethnic worldl instruments
proteus fx PROTEUS FX a mix of proteus 1/2 with 8 MB rom VIDEO
emu protozoa

PROTOZOA ROM expansion rom board includes all waves from Proteus 1/2/3 for 2k and 1k machine, including: proteus 2000, B3, XL-1, Orbit 3, Virtuoso and more.


effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are some free and commercial samples set:

Waveshapper EMU proteus VX VST FREE
all samples!


demo factory demo
demo performance mix: piano + strings
demo performance mix 2: choir + strings
demo performance mix3: dance (!)
demo performance mix4: ambient
demo piano: stereo
demo piano: kinda rhodes
demo organ: hammond b3
demo strings: acoustic
demo strings: with choir
demo flute: classic
demo choir: simple
demo harpsichord: Lully
demo Vibraphone
demo ethnic: asia
demo pad: digital
demo synth: arpeggio
demo synth: harmonics
demo drums: pop kit
demo drums: jungle
demo FX: lfo
demo FX: 8 bits arcade
demo BENDING! 1
demo BENDING! 2
demo BENDING! 3
demo BENDING! 4
demo BENDING! 5
demo BENDING! 6
demo BENDING! 7
demo BENDING! 8
demo BENDING! 9


demo1 audio demo Emu Proteus 1 bending
Demo demo2 Proteus 1 bending


Company: EMU
Model: Proteus 1
Class: Sound Module
Dates: 1989
Synthesis: PCM rompler
Display: 16 X 2 lines LCD
Analog outs: 6 jack
Polyphony: 32 voices
Resolution: 16 bits
Frequency: 39 kHz
N. waves : 216 PCM
Performance: 16 parts
LFO: 1 modulator
Envelope: 2 EGs
Memory: 64 slots
Trigger inputs: none
Effects: none
Midi: IN / OUT / THRU
Latest OS: ?
CPU: MC68000
Demo: 33


proteus 1 thumb




hold down “master” and “edit” while switch on. Select the final option which is “initialize”.






rotary encoder

Emu Proteus 1 FOR SALE
Emu Proteus 1 FOR SALE



rotary encoder


rotary encoder

board rom cpu
plastic design

PCM obsolete


REVIEW : "Proteus is getting too old: no filter, no effect, limited synthesis enclosed in a cheap plastic. The Proteus 1 still have some decent 80 pop sounds- if you care"

manual manual
- a kind of classic - outdated waves
- no filter
  -edit interface
  -cheap plastic

title 2

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