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Moog MF-104Z



moogerfooger Mf 104Z analog Delay

  audio demo trend price : 400€
manual demo video comments

Moogerfooger MF-104Z
Analog Delay (2005)


A true analog delay for the moogerfooger family.

stomp pedal from 1978

loop gain

info PEDAL main panel features 6 knobs, 2 switch tabs and a bypass switch.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- mixed output (dry + wet)
- wet delay output
- audio input

infoPower supply
is external polarity 9V +) draw 500 mA

info SOUND
circuits is based on Panasonic MN3008 bucket brigade chips, a few supply were available so the 104Z is considered as a limited edition.
All delay and modulation functions are really easy and sound routing is flexible and experimentation is quite obligatory using the control CV or modular system: the feedback loop is great for infinite feedback saturations.

panasonic mn3008 BBD

info MEMORY delay time range from 50 ms to a max of 1000 ms of delay.

The dedicated tab switches range between 2 memory modes:
1- SHORT range from 50 to 500 ms
2- LONG range from 100 ms to 1 second.

mf104z memory

info PANEL potentiometers functions in detail:
- DRIVE is the input gain, it accepts variety of instruments from synth to guitar
- DELAY TIME adjusts the delay time range
- MIX adjust balancing between dry / wet
- FEEDBACK adjusts amount of a delayed signal sent back to internal processor or routed to external loop path
- OUT the overall output volume gain
- LOOP GAIN adjust the amount of signal sent to LOOP IN, the signal path instead of going back to internal processor will be routed to external loop circuit and back again thru another unit of your choice.

info CV there are 3 control voltage inputs for:
1- feedback
2- time mix balancing
3- loop signal

info MODIFICATION the Moog factory sells a custom modification called spillover mod that Bypasses the delay without killing existing echoes. This mod applies also to other models like Mf104, Mf-104d, while mf-104M and super delay are already modded.
Note: there is no official schematics available, instead you have to send your unit to the factory in USA (price: 99$)

mf104z spillover modification


big briar mf104

MF-104 (2000) first classic model from Bob Moog- 800 ms VIDEO


MF-104SD (2005) limited edition, reaches 1400 ms VIDEO


MF-104M (2012) 800 ms. Adds LFO modulation with 6 waveshapes, spillover mod and Midi functions. Also based on same BBD. VIDEO

mf104m white edition MF-104M (2012) 800 ms. Limited white edition... flashy??
mf014 super delay MF-104M SUPER DELAY (2014) same version of M, but time expanded to 1200 ms using 6 BBD.
moog mf delay

MF-delay (2014) budget version of 104 series. up to 700 ms still based on BBD VIDEO

500 Series Analog Delay

500 Series Analog Delay (2012) close to M. Time up to 800ms VIDEO

pictures are from official MOOG website


mf104z with minimoog

demo light echo
demo traditional

notes: Both demo recorded were with original Moog Minimoog D synthesizer


Analog Delay MF-104Z guitar effects Analog Delay with Bass Moog MF-104Z analog delay demo
guitar effects Bass analog delay demo

mf104z with minimoog










into the delay moog music inc a detail on BBD chips


- sound
- Signal routing


- pricey


REVIEW: "it's a Moog: well-made and good analog delay based on bucked brigade BBD. Love the sound especially the feedback loop but the price is unjustified. The sound as you can expect is warm and round contrary to common digital, although is has typical minor tonal degradations on the delayed sound. "

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all snapshots*, sounds, texts copyright Polynominal.com / Eric Pochesci
* pictures from 104 family are from MOOG official website.

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