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alesis phlngr modfx flanger

  audio demo trend price : 30-50€
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Alesis Phlngr
Digital flanger


A pedal from the digital series MODFX. This phlngr (easy to pronounce) is a stereo digital flange effect with a elementary command interface.

alesis stomp box effect


info PEDAL Main panel features 4 knobs and 6 buttons:

Terminal connectors:
- unbalanced stereo jack input
- unbalanced stereo jack output
- pedalswitch input for bypass (no true bypass)
- trimmer level input
- Alesis 9 pins modlink connector digitally chains various effects from the same series
(note: Modlink chain does not feed the power supply.)

ac Power supply the pedal does not work with battery only with AC-AC 9V external.

edit SOUND all digital DSP working at 48 kHz at 24 bits resolution.
The effects is outputs in 6 modes:
1- mono
2- stereo
3- sync left/ right direction
4- contrary in opposite direction
5- ASYNC is an asynchronous mode (direction L/R at random)
6- through Zero simulates original natural tape flanging effect modulations)




edit EDIT unit is pretty intuitive with a few commands:
- CENTER sets the center of the LFO cycle for the flanging direction.
- DEPTH determines the amount of flanging depth, from full WET to DRY.
- RATE is the flanging (LFO) frequency or sets by dedicated tapping or synched to other Modfx (no external clock)
- REGEN increase the effect presence feeding the output back to input.


edit MODULATION select switch changes the modulator behavior and the waveforms into 6 modes:
1- TRIANGLE traditional waveform for up and down cycle
2- HYPER TRI a kind of sawtooth waveforms modulator
3- TRIGGERED the pedal has an envelope follower that tracks the input volume to trigger the cycle
4- UNCERTAINLY alternates random waveforms
5- PATTERN generates a single loop of 16 steps random pattern, a looped sample and hold
6- RESET mode button retrigs the LFO from beginning or generates new patterns in PATTERN MODE

modes flanger




modfx series

The modfx series is now out of production, there are 7 models available:

- Philtre: a filter
- Bitrman : bitreducer lowfidelity
- Smashup: compressor with distortion
- Metavox: a vocoder
- Faze: a phaser
- Ampliton: Tremolo and panner

alesis ineko
alesis akira

Later Alesis made 2 other units that features most of the modfx effects:

INEKO and rackmount AKIRA with Midi controls


flanger and phaser

demo test with Roland Sh-09
demo demo1 with Kawai K5000S
demo demo2 with Kawai K5000S


Alesis Phlngr USER MANUAL



behind the box flanger3 side view


- intuitive
- many parameters


- cold sound


REVIEW: "Fun, a lot of combinations
twist your sound!
the sound is pure digital breed... if you like it cold."





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