☒ Crumar Toccata

Sample pack contains 539 samples
🎧 Format: 24 bits/ 44 kHz
βœͺ8 x presets each note sampled and looped (49 notes)
βœͺ3 x percussion attack to layer
βœͺ Mapped for Kontakt 5+ (player is ok)

✿ Price: 15€

β–“ analog organβ–“
β–“ farfisa and 60 vintage organ β–“
β–“ pipe organ β–“
β–“ vintage β–“



-8 organ sounds / 49 notes
3- percussions for attack

β– The Crumar Toccata organ (1981-1986) is an Italian Hammond analog clone, a portable version of bigger model T1/C- main difference was having one extra octave and handy drawbars.

β– It' s a 49 key fully polyphonic and eight presets with various organ sounds with  harmonic overtones variations. It also has controls of vibrato and a kind of Leslie cabinet simulator based on TDA 1022. Effects have preset frequency  and "Chorale" can be selected via a foot-switch with a custom 10 pins connector in the rear of the instrument. Two percussion controls (in 4' and 2 2/3') can be mixed with independent volume and decay plus a click to the notes. 

β– The last four lead back to the typical sounds of liturgical organs, especially the number seven and the eight which emulate a pipe organ-. The first simulates the electric of the '60s like  the Farfisa and the very famous "Hammond". 

- MODE (s / w): in β€œmono” the percussive tone generators are not combined with the selected preset; while in the β€œmulti” mode, the percussion tone generators produce the corresponding effect added to the sound of the preset.
- VOLUME (potentiometer): adjusts the level of the percussive sound.
- 4 '(s / w): activates the generator that produces the percussive sound one octave higher than that of the β€œpreset” sound.
- 2 2/3 '(s / w): activates the generator that produces the mutation of a fifth with respect to that of the β€œpreset” sound.
- K (s / w): pressing the switch marked with the letter K activates the "key click" function which gives the notes the classic aggressive attack of "Hammond" percussion.
- DECAY  determines the initial decay time of the pressed note, the variation is applied only to the sound produced by the two percussive tone generators. 

β–  ROTATING SOUND SYSTEM  emulates classic  electro-mechanical amplifier LESLIE
- ON (s / w): button that activates the simulated rotation device.
- VIBRATO ON (s / w): activates and deactivates the effect of the vibration.
- VIBRATO FAST (s / w): activates and deactivates the β€œfast modulation”, simulating a high rotation.
- CHORALE SLOW (s / w): activates and deactivates the β€œslow modulation”, simulating a slow rotation with a choral effect.
- CHORALE FAST (s / w): activates and deactivates the β€œfast modulation”. Simulating a fast rotation with a choral effect. This effect can also be applied while playing via a pedal connected to the RSS PEDAL jack. 

β– Brand: CRUMAR
Type: analog Organ
Made In : Italy
Date Produced: 1981

β– Connectors:
- MAIN (output): output jack; the amplifier is connected to this socket.
- RSS PEDAL (input): input jack; a pedal is connected to this jack, for the relative details see ROTATING SOUND SYSTEM below.
- MASTER VOLUME adjusts the amount of audio signal that can be taken at the MAIN output.
- PITCH (rear trim): adjusts the pitch of the sound produced by the organ.

β– Number of Patchess: 8
Polyphony: FULL

β– Dimensions n/a
Weight n/a


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