BEHRINGER Ultrapatch Pro PX2000 repair

Single rack unit, 4 modes,  selectable per channel via top-side switches audio patchbay. Each channel can be switched to Parallel, Half-normalled, Normalled and Open function for ultimate flexibility 

What's wrong with it?

I can't really remember when I did purchase this patchbay. At the time I wanted to have all the stuff wired to the 48 channel mixer... long time gone! I found this in a old case with some dynacord reverb and delays. It's time for selling and make some room.

The patchbay has a couple of problems:
- 2 front slots have something inside that prevents insering a jack
- a slot is interrupt and does not retrasmit signal from front input to rear output.
- overall cleaning for some false contacts

Opening the rack is pretty simple with standard screws on the top and a hexagonal ones on the front. Luck enough, no oxidation, so pretty simple to open the patchbay.

The rack is composed by 24 identical modules, all inserted in single slots, pretty simple to remove, you can place them in any order. General cleaning can be done and deoxidation process.

Interrupted slot was caused by broken welding pad, simple wire to connect back the trace.

The 2 last slots had something stuck inside. After looking a found out I forgot 2 broken jack heads inside.This happen usually with low quality jack cables and can be really annoying especially with synthesizer or drum machines. Usually I use a big screw I put inside and try to remove the jack head (do not use any glues or some strange things inside). Pushing too hard the screw can cause the jack board to break, so go easy. You can still desolder the PX jack (it's only 3 solders, it's not balanced) and figure out.

Finally I managed to remove the 2 heads. Quick testing and now ready to go. Now, question is: what am I supposed to do with this? :) maybe just make a gift, the px2000 is anyway a handy unit.

If you need it, here's the english MANUAL

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