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Lately Bass Patch




Lately Bass FM Patch

Lately bass sound
(or solid bass)


A quite famous patch very appreciated amongs 4 OP users.

Typical 4 OP synth :
- Yamaha Tx81Z
- Yamaha Dx100 (a bit different and called "Solid Bass")


4 op


lately bass

edit What's a lately Bass? it a famous electro bass sound generated by FM synthesis included as preset on various Yamaha modules or synthesizers.
There are various kind of FM generator based on Operators: most famous and classic are the 6OP, followed by cheaper 4OP and finally really basic 2OP. The Lately bass belongs to 4 OP class which are all compatible (but DX9 and Fb01) e.g. DX21, DX100, DX27, DX11, Ys200, V50 and Tx81z.


dx family

edit How does the bass sound? Right, here's some demo:

edit lately bass all C (tx81z)
edit solid bass all C (dx21 chorus OFF)
edit lately bass tweakings parameters

dig dug


edit Some famous music with lately bass?
A lot especially in house music, but also some hits like Whigfield - Saturday Night, Dj Tonka - She knows you , Haddaway - what is love, Madonna - express yoursel, Ace of base - All that she wants [...]

Here's very good in da face e lately bass with Bobby Konders "let there be house"

edit How the Lately bass is made? original lately belongs to Tx81Z module which can read the sinewave in different ways, creating some harmonic waveform variations (it does NOT contains "more waveforms"). Roughly the LB is based on second Algorithm while OP 1-2-4 are standard sinewave, but number 3 is assigned to wave number 5.



edit I don't have any 4OP synth - how can I have this sound? well some different solutions:

1 use a virtual FM instruments like FM8 which imports 4OP patch, here's a clip: edit FM8 lately
2 use some sampled sounds from original machine! As we are REALLY kind and wants to help noobs, we provide you the original LATELY BASS sampled FOR FREE for Kontakt (+some other sounds). edit Download FREE samples
3 if you have a DX7 or a 6OP class you can manage a VERY close sound DX7 patch coming Up!


clip1 clip1 clip1
saturday night halycon Orbital Everything Starts With An E


yamaha tx81z




















did you know?

Lately Bass is also called "digdug bass " amongst Commodore Amiga fans, especilly for the ST-01 tracker



did you know?

4 OP synthesis was implemented on 90'PC computer gaming with yamaha OPL3 technology.






yamaha tx81z




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