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Roland Cr5000  in the revenge of the nerds

The analog drum machine roland cr5000 was released on 1981 (around the same time as the TR-808, TB-303 and TR-606). It has been featured in the movie "Revenge of the Nerds" from 1984  directed by Jeff Kanew and starring Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards, Ted McGinley, and Bernie Casey. The plot is different joke based on American university fraternity Alpha Betas and ister sorority, Pi Delta Pi. That's all stuff in Europe we really don't understand :) It's not mean to be a Truffaut movie. But we're not here to make a review. 

During the movie a THE TALENT SHOW  takes places, and the main characters try to impress the public organizing a futuristic show. That's where the CR5000 first appears (it has no display so it's not the 8000 model). 

The Cr seems to have been fixed to a kind of tray with some harness. The kind of Y cable is the power supply and a jack going to the Trigger out (the audio ouput is on the rightmost part of the Cr). It's not so important it's cinematic prop stuff, and the drum sounds on the music are absolutely not from it! it sounds more like SP12, samples, DMX.

After a few seconds, the Cr5000 is fully revealed, and the main characters push some random buttons. The drum will be back in a couple of scenes, but just once at full screen. Anyway Roland did some great designs!

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