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Oberheim DX "bad" mod

Forewords: The DX is a cut-down Version of the legendary Oberheim DMX model with different soundset from 1983. I features also sounds on EPROM like the big bro, that you can swap with 6 channels and a nice real time sequencer.  I wrote something some times ago, you can read HERE with some technical data. Still missing the samples, coming up.

And now the mod 

My eyes are bleeding. Ok, let's just pretend to NOT consider the yellowed faders instead of the original black white knobs, I just wonder what the hell are those knobs near the "dx" script?  why the original front plate has been drilled? 

Ok I found out on the other pics: the read pitch drum tuning were somehow moved to front panel for real-time edit tweaking, leaving holes on the rear. 

Ok, that's enough for today from cringe cat.


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