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Black Corporation
 Deckard's  Dream V2

8 voice analog synthesizer (2019)

Black Corporation Deckard Dream v2

"updated from original Deckard synth, a DIY version of iconic Yamaha Cs80 "


OVERVIEW DECKARD’S DREAM, or DDRM, features eight voices, each with two identical layered parts consisting of a 100% analog voltage controlled oscillator made with discrete waveshapers, analog lowpass and highpass filter (each with their own cutoff and resonance settings,) noise generator, unique multisegment filter envelope, and VCA + ADSR envelope. Each layer also features its own independent programming section for MPE-based velocity and polyphonic aftertouch control of its filter cutoff and amplifier settings.
DRM’s perfomance section features global pitch control with coarse & fine-tuning sliders, layer 2 detune slider, independent keyboard range control for each layer, mix balancing between layer 1 and layer 2, global filter cutoff and resonance offsets, and a global LFO to control both layers’ filter/pitch/amplifiers simultaneously.

Deckard's dream v2


DRM was created with full expressive performance control in mind, and boasts programming sections for global MPE-based control over LFO parameters + pitchbend, as well as global key tracking control over the filter and amplifier settings of both layers. Finally, there is a global portamento/glissando slider affecting both layers simultaneously. 
DDRM features full MIDI control and the ability to store 128 presets per bank across 3 banks,
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Black Corporation
 Deckard's Dream V2 Specs

synthesizer features
8-voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer
fully analogue signal path
2 synthesis layers per voice
256 presets
layer architecture
vco with square, saw and sine waveforms
pwm with sine-wave lfo
manual pw (50-90%)
12db hp and lp discrete filters with separate resonance controls
adsr filter envelope with adjustable initial and attack levels
adsr vca envelope
velocity and aftertouch controls for filter brilliance and volume levels
master controls
global coarse/fine tune
vco2 detune
lfo with sine, saw, ramp, square and stepped random waveforms
lfo destinations: vco, vcf, vca
crossfade between layers 1 and 2
global filter brilliance and resonance control for additional resonance
polyphonic aftertouch destinations: lfo speed, lfo to vco amount, lfo to vcf amount, filter brilliance, volume level
keyboard tracking adjustment for vcf and vca
midi/mpe with polyphonic aftertouch
polyphonic pitchbend
midi over usb
128 factory and 128 user presets
alternate scales and tunings
software editor by spektro audio
display: 128x64 oled display
dc input jack (9-24v)
external modulation input jack (¼")
expander jack (din5)
usb jack (type b, device/host)
midi in jack (din5)
midi thru jack (din5)
audio out low jack (¼")
audio out high jack (¼")
physical specifications
19" 4u rack-mount
width: 483mm / 19"
height: 178mm / 7"
depth: 200mm / 7.8"
weight: ~ 4.8 kg / 10.6 lbs incl external psu brick.

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video demo

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Black Corporation Deckard's Dream V2 Black Corporation Deckard's Dream v2
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