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Yamaha Cs-80

Polyphonic analog synthesizer (1977)

yamaha cs80

"Considered as one of the most sought-after and icon polyphonic analog synthesizer from Japan, mainly thanks to Vangelis for the Blade Runner soundtrack. It's the son the even more rare Yamaha GX-1"


KEYBOARD massive, huge, 100KG of analog circuits with  black leatherette and optional chromed wonderful legs with music stand. Very colored at first glance, each color correspond to a precise functions: green is filter, red is resonance, white is pitch tune, grey is amplitude, yellow is sustain and black is all the rest.
Semi-weighted-action keyboard 61  (C-C)  keys with superb velocity and polyphonic aftertouch, which controls also the LFO modulator (called strangely the Sub Osc). The volume and the filter cutoff (the brillance)  can be also assigned to the keyboard using the "keyboard control" section. Did you say expressive instrument?  on the left section the tabs allow to set various type of portamento with glissando (also assign to external pedal). If not enough, in the middle of the beast the famous PITCH RIBBON allowing incredible glides... at the fingertip! 

->There are also two cheaper versions, but still with same CS sound: the Yamaha CS60 (8 voices single layer)  and CS50 (4 voice single layer) Also a special modern remake called Deckard's dream but it seems also the low-cost Behringer plan to clone the CS...good luck

TERMINAL CONNECTORS  Headphones is under the synthesizer, while on the rear part:
1- RIGHT output is same as LEFT, they became stereo if chorus or tremolo is engaged
2- mix of RIGHT + LEFT channels
3- LEFT output, same as RIGHT
4- impedance out switch HIGH /LOW
5- Expression pedal input (expression or expression/wah)
6- Footswitch input (sustain/damp)
7- Signal input with level trimmer

yamaha cs80


SOUND It's basically a 8-voice synthesizers layered together for a total of 16 oscillators, each layers per voice has  its own set of front panel controls, there are 4 slots to save sound in the hatch, well it's particular... you HAVE to see! but also 22 presets (11 + 11 ) you can mix between part 1 &2  but cannot change out the panel parameters. The oscillator have different octaves feet (2', 2 2/3', 4', 5', 5 1/3, 8', and 16') and features 3 shapes (sawtooth, square and sinewave waveforms) plus a white noise source can be added to the mix, the pulse waveforms can changes its width (from 50% to 90%) or assigned to the modulator sub-osc.

FILTER each voice feature a 2 poles high-pass filter and low-pass filter in series, with resonance on both (not up to self-oscillation) with own EG envelope with 3 segments ADR (attack, decay, release) + initial time.

VCA features a classic ADSR

very peculiar and incredible with its own EG A-D hear Beaubourg by Vangelis. 
yamaha cs80

Yamaha Cs80 Technical specs

Manufacturer Yamaha
Country: Japan
Model: Cs80
Dates: 1977 - 1980
Keyboard: 61 keys with velocity
Aftertouch expression Yes, polyphonic
Original Price: US$6900
Actual Price: 15000€
Polyphony 8 voices,in dual layers
Osc: 16 VCO range 32 hz-8kHz
Timbrality 2 parts Multitimbral
Oscillator 2 per voice
LFO :1 multi-veform
Synthesis type Analog subtractive
Filter High-pass + Low-pass
Storage memory 22 preset + 4 user
Effects chorus, tremolo
weight: 220,05 pounds / 100Kg
Dimensions: WxHxD 120,5 x 96,5 x 70,2 cm

video demo

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yamaha cs80 yamaha cs80
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