Access Virus Rack

"B" RACK CLASSIC (2000) 

Access virus B

"Rackmount version from the B series evoution from previous Virus model A,  with less polyphony and simpler structure"


OVERVIEW rackmount, 1 unit, case made out of steel; main panel features a 16 x 2 lines display, 5 knobs, 16 leds and 12 buttons.

PERFORMANCE: system handles 16 parts with individual settings:  velocity assignable to FM, panning, osc shape and width  / variable portamento time  / 4 mono playmodes with glide  / 2 voices stack with detune  / Midi channel  / key zone / transpose / detune / analog AUX out / priority / FX amount.

Terminal connectors: 
- PSU input 12VCD 500mA positive center
- audio inputs L+ R
- optional AUX OUT 
- 2 main outs + 2 AUX 
- Midi interface IN OUT THRU

access virus rack


SOUND physical-modeling DSP core generates 16 voices polyphony at 24 Bit resolution and converters at 18 bits.
The Virus synthesis is a mix of virtual analog modeling and short PCM waveforms, these are the Harmonic Spectral Waveshapes; a voice is composed by 2 oscillators + 1 suboscillator + 1 noise source (3 colors : white, pink or highpass) 
modeling shapessine / triangle  sine / trianglesquare / triangle
variable pulse widthyesyes-
smooth shaperyesyes-
PCM waveshape6464-
volumebal osc1/2bal osc1/2yes
pitch tuningyesyes-
wave sync-1>2-
frequency modulation-1>2 (5 models=-

Filter, modulation, envelope

ENVELOPE 2 EGS: with "Punch" option boost the attack on the EG1.
- EG1 AMP: 4 segments + 1 time 
- EG2 filter: 4 segments + 1 time with EG polarity. 

FILTER  section features 2 filters (-12 dB each) can be combined in 2 serials (SER 4 / SER 6) , 1 parallel (PAR 4) or directly to independent mode (SPLIT) .  Both filters feature 4 different models:  LPF, HPF, BPF and Bandstop
The saturation parameters emulates a tube distortion.

LFO up to 3 delayed modulators with same shapes (sin / tri /saw / sqr / S&H / sample & glide) but different destinations:
LFO1:    pitch / width / resonance / filter gain
LFO2:  osc shape/ Fm amount / cutoff / pan
LFO3:   pitch /width / Sync OSC1 and 2
TIP: MATRIX like a modular, the Virus handles 3 internal routings or virtual patchcords that connect a modulation source to a destination.

Access virus internal

Arpeggiator, effect and memory

ARPEGGIATOR each part features an arpeggiator with latch, gate, swing , octave range and 6 modes/directions: up, down, up/down, random, "as played" and "chords".  SYNC arpeggiator, delay and LFO can be sync internally from 63 to 190 BPM (17 time dividers) or slaved to external Midi clock.

EFFECTS there are 34 effects split in 4 categories: delay and reverb + chorus  + analogue boost + 32 bands-vocoder.
External signals can be processed by the analog inputs. 

MEMORY: 256 patch rom (first OS) +  256 patch ram (first OS)  + 1024 in updated version (factory songs are deleted) 
Battery replacement: Memory system works with a 3V CR-2032 on the board.
OS internal operating system can be updated by Midi with new memory system (1024 patches) still available from ACCESS website. Know that FACTORY demo will be cancelled for memory room.

Roland Virus A

Virus rack specifications

Brand: access
Model: virus rack
Year : 2000
Country: Germany
Case: Rack
Rack Size: 19", 1U
Display Type: LCD, LED, Backlit
Display Count H: 16
Display Count V: 2
Controls: Buttons, Knobs, Switches
Type: Digital
polyphony: 16 voices
resolution: 24 bits
filters: 2 x digital (-12 dB each) can be combined in 2 serials (SER 4 / SER 6)
LFO: 3 modulators
arpeggiator: yes
Effects: 34 effects
MEMORY: 1024 slot (latest OS)
PSU: - 12 VDC 1A (+ polarity.
Dimensions (WxDxH): 470(W) x 185(D) x 75(H) mm
Weight: 2,5 kg

video demo

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