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Access Virus "A"

Advanced simulated analog synthesizer (1997)

access virus

"The first of the famous VIRUS synthesizers family started at the end of the nineties. "


MODULE with optional rackmount ears. The main panel features a 2 x 16 lines display, 27 buttons and 32 knobs with relative or absolute position mode.

system handles 16 multitimbric parts with individual settings:
- velocity assign to FM, pan, shape and width 
- variable portamento time 
- 4 mono playmodes 
- 2 voices stack (with detune) 
- Midi channel assign 
- key zone assign 
- note transpose 
- pitch detune 
- assign analog out / volume 
- note priority 
- FX amount
- Arpeggiator simple function with latch and 4 directions

- power switch
- external PSU 12 VDC 1A - (+ polarity.
- 1 stereo or 2 independent mono inputs 
- 3 stereo signal outputs (headphones using first left main out)

- Midi IN and OUT that can be also switched to THRU mode 

access virus


SOUND Siemens SAB80C535 with physical-modeling DSP core generates 12 voices polyphony at 20 bit resolution, a mix of virtual analog modeling and short PCM waveforms: these are the Harmonic Waveshapes. A VIRUS voice is composed by 2 oscillators + 1 sub-oscillator + 1 noise source, here's the differences between them:

Modeling waveformssin / trisin / trisqr / tri
Pulse widthyesyes-
Smooth shaperyesyes-
PCM waveshapes6464-
Volumebal osc1/2bal osc1/2yes
Pitch tuningyesyes-
Wave sync1>2-

Filter, envelope, lfo and FX

FILTER   2 filters (-12 dB each) can be combined in 2 serial, 1 parallel or directly set to independent mode. Both filters feature 4 different models: BFP, LPF, HPF and Band STOP . In addition a special Keyfollower option plus a filter saturation which basically emulates a vacuum tube distortion. 

ENVELOPE  2 digital EG:
- EG1 AMP: 4 segments + 1 time
- EG2 filter: 4 segments + 1 time with possible EG inversion. 

LFO up to 3 delayed modulators with same shapes (sin / tri /saw / sqr / S&H / sample & glide) but different destinations:
LFO1: pitch / width / resonance / filter gain 
LFO2: osc shape/ Fm amount / cutoff / pan 
LFO3: pitch /width / Sync OSC1 and 2 
TIP: MATRIX like a modular, the Virus handles 3 internal routings or virtual patchcords that connect a modulation source to a destination.

EFFECTS there are 2 digital FX onboard:
- delay: with rate, time, modulation LFO and feedback. 
- chorus: with rate, depth, delay, feedback and LFO shape

MEMORY CMOS ram UM621024C 
 256 RAM single  + 128 RAM multi

access virus

Access Virus A specifications

Company: Access
Model: VIRUS A
Class: Synth Module
YEAR: 1997
Display: 2 x 16 lines LCD
Actual price: 300€
Synthesis: Virtual Analog
Polyphony: 12 voices
Multitimbric: 16 parts
Resolution: 20 bits
Oscillator: 2 digital OSC
Suboscillator: 1 yes
Osc Modulation: After Touch, Envelope, Keyboard, Knob, LFO, Mod Wheel, Oscillator, Pitch Wheel, Glide / Portamento, Sync Hard, Velocit
Filter: BPF / HPF / BPF / BEF
Envelope: 2 EGs with Delay, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, Looping, Time
LFO: 3 modulators
Effects: delay + chorus
Memory: 256 RAM slots
Arpeggiator: yes
Sync: Midi
Midi: IN / OUT / THRU
Dimensions: 380 (w) x 250 (h) x 73 (d) mm
Weight:1,5 kg

access virus

video demo

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Access VIRUS A Access VIRUS A
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