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Yamaha VSS-30

Cult LO-Fi sampler (1987)

Yamaha VSS30

"Toy keyboard sampler at 8 bits with interesing edit functions. Like Casio SK-1, the VSS samplers are considered cult amongst lo-fidelity addicted and toy-synth geeks."

 Main Data 


Company: Yamaha Corp.
Model: VSS-30
Class: Toy sampler
keyboard: 32 mini keys
Dates: 1987
Country: Japan
Weight: 1 Kg
Dimensions: 467 (w) x 180.4 (h) x 57,4 (d) mm
Speaker: 8 cm / 4 Ohm
Amplifier: 1,5 W RMS

Synthesis: sampler
Resolution: 8 bits
Polyphony: 4 notes
Presets: 11 sounds
Memory: 3,5 s sampling
Frequency: 16 / 9 kHz
Sequencer: 500 notes
Resolution: 1/48
LFO: 1 modulator
Envelope: 1 EG
Main IC: YM2416
Filter: none
PSU: 9V DC 9V with center negative (original model is PA-1 or PA-1B) or use 5X 1,5V batteries.

TOY KEYBOARD portable 32 minikeys with a 8 cm speaker.
The main panel features 42 buttons, a slider for volume and finally a built-in condenser (cheap) microphone.

Rear pannel terminal connectors:
- headphones signal out
- RCA mono sample input


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 In details 


VSS system handles sampling process + a bunch of presets on the ROM wavetable.
Monophonic SAMPLING process is based on a YM2416 IC (common on all VSS series) + DRAM at 8 bits resolution.


The VSS30 is able to record with 2 different modes and quality:

 16 kHz for a maximum of 1,8 seconds of sampling

- 9 kHz for a maimum of 3,5 seconds of sampling 

tape record
Sample edit The sampled sound can be edited with 5 basic functions:
  -  loop mode  
- reverse sample  
- uturn: alternates forward + backward  
- overwrite: sound on sound, bu it quickly saturate  
- voice editor (see "VOICE EDITOR" below)
FX section

 VOICE EDITOR 4 internal sound effects, quite surprising for such a "toy":

- ECHO is a kind of delay, not really a DSP effect but a kind of envelope trick with 15 preset settings.
- FUZZ adds a simple fuzzed effect  No control on fuzz.
- MODULATION is a simple modualtion LFO on pitch - 8 presets fixed rates 
- AMPLITUDE MODULATION is another LFO but on EG vibrato
(note: AM modulation shares same LFO rate as FM frequency modulation)

 Wavetable, Sequencer and Envelope Generator



 11 internal preset sounds with no possible edit, however they can be arpeggiated or processed by various amplitude or modulation functions.

PRESET LIST: piano, vibes, strings, clarinet, harpsichord, marimba, jazz organ, galaxy, banjo, crystal and brass.



 very simple MUSIC PROGRAMMER offers a maximum of 500 notes recorded in real-time (also chords) at 1/48 resolution. No other special functions. 



1 EG 4 segments ADSR control for sample amplitude: just choose the segment and change to one of the 8 stepped values tapping the increase/decrease buttons.

Vss30 bending

"For An Even Bigger Sound  Although you'll be happy with the 
sound from the built-in speaker, you can get an even more satisfying sound if you connect the PortaSound to a bigger speaker"
Vss 30 (big) manual

Our Verdict 

" Just sample anything on the fly and mangle it! Totally raw sample with many audio artefacts! a true nigthmare for hi fi lover! :) "





Quality / 



- now pricey
- limited
- polyphony


- lfo
- effects
- toy cult status 

Are you a VSS30 fan? how do you use it? You do not agree with our review?  Let us know in the comment field just below 


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It is bigger than vss30 and handles 4 parts. 1 single channel for sampling but no more interesting effects. My less favourite.

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Yamaha VSS-200

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Special VSS30 circuit bend for more glitches!

Yamaha VSS-30 Yamaha VSS-30 portable sampler
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