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Kawai K5000S



Kawai K500S


audio demo trend price : 500€
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Kawai K5000 S (1996)

Direct descendant of the Kawai K5 plus a lot of new features.

The k5000 S is a super digital synthesizer mixing additive synthesis and PCM samples waveforms.

additive synthesizer

k5000 edit

info KEYBOARD (weight: 14 Kg) a 61 Velocity keys and Aftertouch and a very nice futuristic design with some elegant blue plastic borders.
The main panel features a 240 * 64 pixels + a jog wheel for data entries and total of 55 buttons + 12 knobs for real-time parameters tweaks and 4 of them are freely assignable.
On the left side there are two wheels: PitchBending + modulation which is fully assignable to other parameters, in addition, some buttons for Portamento and monophonic playmodes. Near the portamento there are 2 buttons Sw1 and Sw2 that recall immediately some parameters like octave Fundamentals add or setting High-Low harmonics.
Back panel terminal connectors: a pairs of stereo outputs, 2 pedal switches and 2 inputs for HOLD and expression control.


edit VOICE the DSP ADVANCED SYNTHESIS is based on a Core model Risc-32 manages up to 32 digital voices.
A basic patch is composed by up to 6 digital oscillators or Elements (each is assigned to a voice polyphony).
Each elements can be either a 1) ADDITIVE wave or 2) PCM WAVEFORM.

edit ADDITIVE up to 128 sinewaves harmonic formed by 2 harmonic group (1-> 64) and (64->128), the full spectre from 1 to 128 counts can be used but it counts for 2 elements. The harmonics levels can be set step by step for both level (DHL) or by Envelope (DHE) or by the Macro Parts that has 6 selection preset (Bright, ODD, Even, Octave, Fifth and All-harmonics).
One of the most interesting features is the Morphing function that can records 4 harmonics snapshot and interpolate them according to a fixed time frequency.

edit WAVEFORMS more traditional subtractive synthesis featuring a 16 bits ROM that counts 123 waveforms with different categories such as acoustic samples loops or transient attack PCM (like Roland D50).

adsr ENVELOPE there are 5 EG in total:
- Amplitude 4 segments+ 2 levels
- Pitch oscillator 4 segments+ 2 levels,
- Standard Filter 4 segments+ 2 levels
- Formant filter variable stages number for each EG.
- Harmonic values variable stages number for each EG; note that every Harmonics has its own EG with Loops between Decay segments.

filter FILTER Multimode digital filter DCF with HighPass & LowPass on both Subtractive and Additive synthesis; Additive oscillator counts an extra Formant filter, a special resonant comb modulable by FF -LFO -BIAS. The 128 bands Formant filter is defined by DFL 128 steps for Level and by DFE Envelope (or also by bands macro parts 5/ 10/ 15/ 20 /ALL). A special keytrack follower changes the Filter cutoff values to lower or higher octaves.

dcf filter

lfo LFO four digital modulators with same characteristics 4 different waveforms (triangle, saw, random and square) running only only Free-flown mode (no possible retrig).
The LFO structure modulators four different destinations: pitch, amplitude, standard and formant filter.

fx EFFECTS the Kawai DSP works in parallel or serial cascade and includes fully editable effects such as Reverb, Delay, Panpot, Chorus, Flanger, Leslie, Distortion, Frequency Exciter and Overdrive.

memory MEMORY internal RAM holds up to 2 * 128 patches + 2 extra banks can be added with special memory expansion model Me1.
Sounds and Performances are saved to internal disk drive formatted at 1.44 Mb (Ms-dos file system compatible) or by Midi sysex dump.

memory MIDI quite all parameters can be controlled by Midi Control change.
The synthesizers also outputs the Frontal knobs with standard CC.

arpeggiator ARPEGGIATOR really complete with octave range, internal frequency or external Midi Clock, Hold, Random, Gate Velocity and Midi Import to create custom library. Note that it outputs notes through Midi to other machines.

Definitely one of the best hardware Midi arpeggiator on the market.

family K5000 RELATED MODELS:

k5000 edit


K5000 W bigger wavetable, performance parts, an internal sequencer, but no real time knobs.

K5000R two units rack with no control knobs for edit, but parameters can be accessed with external control change or directly with the Kawai box Macro Control.

kawai k4 demo




Kawai K5000S Wicked Soundscapes Mystique Sounds of Kawai k5000 Kawai k5000 S 100% additive synthesis sounds.
Kawai K5000S Wicked Soundscapes Mystique Sounds of Kawai k5000 additive clip










kawai k5000 front k5000 behind k5000R


- unique Sound
- Arpeggiator
-unlimited sound approach
- macro knobs


-outdated storage
- little memory
-not so easy to tame
- manual


"A true unique synth! really not so easy until you get into the logic--- hundreds of hours for some truly magic inspiring sounds! S version is best for real time commands. "



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