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Roland HS-10



roland hs-10
info Country: Japan
Weight: 5,4 Kg
Dimensions: 802 x 240 x 79 mm
audio demo trend price : 200€
manual demo demo video comments


Roland HS10
Synthplus 10 (1987)


Consumer version of the famous ALPHA JUNO 1 technically the same with different outfit.

Quite a rare version indeed!


roland hs10


info KEYBOARD 49 keys with no velocity.
The main panel features an LCD display, 36 buttons and a data wheel "Alpha Dial". On the left side a joystick that acts as both pitch bender and modulation functions.

Rear panel terminal connectors:
- Midi interface
- tape interface
- main signal out
- headphones out
- expression pedal assignable to volume / aftertouch / velocity
- assignable pedalswitch: patch up / portamento on-off / chord memory
- hold pedalswitch input.



edit VOICE the HS10 manages up to 6 voices polyphony.
Each voice has an assigned DCO oscillator based on custom Roland IC MB87123PG and each DCO is composed 2 summable waveforms + 1 sub oscillator + 1 noise generator:



edit WAVEFORMS here's some details about the HS10 waveforms:

Waveform Harmonic variations: Level width: range:
pulse 3 - yes (3rd shape) 4' 8' 16' 32'
saw 5 - yes (3rd shape) 4' 8' 16' 32'
suboscillator 5 yes - 1 / 2 oct below
white noise 0 yes - -

waveform oscilloscope
Alpha juno 1 on vacuum-tube oscilloscope


filter FILTER multimode VCF based on 6 X IR3R05 IC (also VCA):
- lowpass at -24dB/Oct : with resonance that does not reach auto-oscillation
- highpass: 4 scaled values.
The VCF also provides a 15-levels keytracking system.

IC filter
famous roland IR3R05 IC

adsr LFO
a single delayed modulator and 2 destinations with individual depth values:
- LFO to DCO pitch
- LFO to DCO VCF filter.

modulation lfo

a single 4-stages + 3 time levels with polarity inversion EG assignable to:
- DCO pitch
- VCF filter cutoff
- VCA amplitude with special gate mode
In addition the VCA provides a 15-levels keytracking system.



PERFORMANCE some special functions:
- octave transpose keyboard
- portamento
- chord mode learn (it outputs Midi)
- bender range 1 octave setting
- key transpose
- 15 aftertouch levels (by Midi IN) assignable to VCF / DCO / VCA.
MIDI some basic CC# are managed including: modulation, foot control, portamento time and hold.

Hs10 tech

fxEFFECT section features an analog stereo chorus based on MN3101 + MN3009 IC like Juno-60 or Jx-3p with adjustable rate



memory MEMORY:
- 64 ROM presets
- 64 RAM slots.
Sounds must be saved to magnetic tape or Midi exclusives data dump
BATTERY REPLACEMENT : change lithium battery model CR-2032 soldered to the mainboard.

solder battery

edit EDIT main panel lacks many real-time commands, but there are many computer software or it is possible to use the dedicated optional programmer model PG-300.
- VST AU Alpha JUNO Editor (MAC-PC / $$) PIC
- Midiquest (MAC-PC / $$) PIC
- MKS-50 (Atari ST / now freeware ) PIC
- Alpha BASE (PC / free) PIC
- Alpha Juno Control (MAC / free) PIC below.

alpha juno editor



Alpha Juno 1 Alpha Juno 1 same as HS10 with different case.
Alpha Juno 2

Alpha Juno 2 - is bigger with 5 octave velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard.

HS-80 consumer version of alpha Juno2 with different outfit.

MKS-50 MKS-50 rack unit with some enhancements like detuning, Portamento and a double RAM memory.


PG-300 programmer compatible with all the JUNO series.


effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are some free and commercial samples set:

  name price demo
EFM Oddse



free VST emulation
phutura vst
odsay REDOMINATOR commercial VST plugin redominator


demo SANXION (track overdub) with TR-606
demo Performance 1 + drum samples
demo Performance 2 + drum samples
demo Performance 3 + drum samples
demo Performance 4 + drum samples
demo Performance 5 + drum samples
demo Performance 6 + drum samples
demo Organ: b3 even more poor
demo Harpsichord: like a 8 bits
demo Piano: analog poor
demo Clavinet: naaaa
demo Bass: funky
demo Bass: mooga
demo Bass: razor
demo Bass: jumpy
demo Bass: soft quiet
demo Bass: attack
demo Drums: analog kit
demo Drums: timpani
demo FX: scary ohhhhohhhh LOL
demo Ambient: chill
demo Ambient: space
demo Ambient: system
demo Pad: murky
demo Pad: chorus
demo Pad: time bandit
demo String: LFO movement
demo String: very simple
demo Synth: WOOObled
demo Synth: what's a hoover?
demo Synth: Drill
demo Synth: droning
demo Synth: melodie d'amour
demo Synth: rate by rate
demo Synth: resonance up
demo Synth: square world
demo Synth: slippery when dry
demo XP: waveforms all pulses
demo XP: suboscillators waves
demo XP: sawtooth width
demo XP: pulse width
demo XP: white noise and filter
demo XP: lowpass and resonance
demo XP: highpass mode filter
demo XP: LFO all shapes
demo XP: Chorus BBD



Roland Alpha Juno 1 Roland Alpha Juno Techno Demo Track Alpha Juno 1 Hoover
demo1 Techno Demo Track Hoover







Roland HS-10 service manual



original scan







Roland HS-10 synthplus for sale

Roland HS-10 synthplus for sale












roland epom demo alpha juno motherboard

- rare
- still a Juno
- strange DCOs


- editing
- EG / LFO
- no arpeggiator


REVIEW "wow! a hard-to find alpha juno!! ok it's just like an alpha juno1, but that's for collector...200-300 quids? "






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