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Crumar Performer



crumar performer
crumar performer
audio demo trend price : 300-400€
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A famous italian string processor with brass section and some modulation options.

A cheaper and a new hardware re-design from production from previous model Multiman S.

logo performer

string octaves

info KEYBOARD (weight: 12 Kg) 49 keys no velocity-
The main panel features 2 buttons and 13 sliders

Back panel terminal connectors:
- main out
- brass separate out
- gate out 3.5 mm minijack generates a S-trig signal for each key trigger.
- pedal input for damper.
- master pitch tuner trimmer


editVOICE the synthesizer circuit is based on a single master top octave frequency generator model Mostek MK50240 and 12 frequency divider TDA-1008 chips.
There are 2 instrument mixable together in any combinations:
- strings
- brass

crumar perfromer synth

edit STRINGS analog violins at 8' + 16' octaves with tonal controls:
- EG control: equalizes between high-low-middle frequencies.
- transose: shifts to and upper or lower octave
- lenght : a simple 2 stages EG with 2 segments crescendo (attack) and sustain

strings eg

strings eg

edit BRASS analog brasses isntruments with a control on filter VCF based on SSM-2040:
- filter control with resonance and cutoff (it is called range)
- 3-segments EG ADS wich stands for attack, decay and sustain

VCF 2040 SSm

strings eg

lfo LFO a single modulator with 2 possible destinations:
- strings and brass pitch
- brass cutoff
Modulation options are depth and delay start time.

filter FILTER
paraphonic structure with simple lowpass filter.

crumar performer repair


audio crumar demo

effet Soundcloud Performer

demo1 demo m1  


Crumar Performer Demo performer with moog minimoog D crumar performer presentation
Demo performer with moog minimoog D presentation

crumar performer picture

italian magazine



string and brass



crumar performer vintage scan



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italian magazine


year 1978! IC crumar performer circtuits


- good vintage strings
- still affordable


- brass
-few sound controls
- often needs service


"Very good warm sound, cheap alternative Solina.
Maybe not for collectors but worth a buy if you like this kind of machines."


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Crumar performer 4 out of 5 based on 30 ratings. price €300