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Crumar Performer



crumar performer


audio demo trend price : 300€
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Another italian string processor from Ancona.

A cheaper and a new hardware re-design from production from previous model Multiman-S.

logo performer

string octaves

info KEYBOARD (weights about 12 Kg) compact 49 keys with no Velocity, tolex body with nice side woods . The main panel features 2 buttons + 13 sliders, just beware of the potentiometers shafts that are pretty fragile.
Back panel has 4 main connections:
- MAIN Strings and Brass out.
- BRASS separate output for Brass section.
- GATE OUT 3.5 mm minijack generates a S-trig signal for each key trigger.
- PEDAL SIGNAL pedal plug for Amplitude control.
A master pitch tuner trimmer is located also near to the connectors for +/- 1 tone range.

acPower supply is internal.

editSOUND the synthesizer circuit is based on a single master top octave frequency generator model Mostek MK50240 + 12 Frequency Divider TDA1008 chips.

There are 2 instrument main sections mixable together in any combinations:

edit STRINGS two sounds layered at octaves 8' 16' with Volume balancing, while the EG CONTROL equalizes the section with internal filter between High-Low-Middle frequencies.
The LENGHT function is a EG envelope featuring simple 2 stages Crescendo Sustain (attack + release time) and finally a TRANSPOSE function with a 2-ways switch Up and Down.

editBRASS features an analog resonance filter VCF based on SSM2040 + 1 Envelope with 3-segments type ADS Attack-Decay-Sustain.

strings eg

lfo LFO the MODULATION is a sinusoidal modulator with a 2 ways-switch wich modulates either Brass filter VCF control or Strings Amplitude.
The Low frequency oscillator structure is pretty simple with a few functions including depth and delay time.

filter FILTER paraphonic structure with Lowpass filter.
VCF 2040 SSm
crumar board synthesizers

audio crumar demo





Crumar Performer Demo performer with moog minimoog D crumar performer presentation
Crumar Performer Demo performer with moog minimoog D presentation


italian magazine

string and brass

crumar performer vintage scan

buy a crumar performer


year 1978! IC crumar performer circtuits


- good vintage strings
- still affordable


- brass
-few sound controls
- often needs service



"Good sound, cheap alternative Solina.
Maybe not for collectors but worth a buy if you like this kind of machines."


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Crumar performer 4 out of 5 based on 30 ratings. price €300