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Roland Tr-707

Rhythm composer (1985)


"Digital drum machine based on PCM samples, tr707 part of the famous Rhythm Composer family with similar Roland TR-909 design and sharing same PCM samples"


OVERVIEW  The main panel features 1 knob, 16 buttons, 16 non-dynamic pads and a central volume mixer for each instruments; a lcd display with no backlight (pretty fragile plastic protection, pay attention). In 2014, Roland add the tr707 soundset to the Aira TR8 digital drum machine.
TR-707 factory reset procedure Power on while holding TRACK WRITE and TRACK #1 

Back panel terminal connectors: 
1- separate analog outputs (x11)
2- main out 
3- headphones 
4- footswitch input for start/stop 
5- trigger out (pulse +5V) 
6- tape intrface 
7- Midi interface 
8- sync at 24 PPQ (5-dins)
9- Power supply PSU Roland Boss 12V DC negative center.

Roland tr707


SOUND main core is a Hitachi HD6303X 8- bits CPU manages 10 channels polyphony; each voice has one or different assigned samples from a sampled wavetable, sounds cannot be edited in anyway but the volume mixing. There are 4 x HN61256P MASK ROMs (each 32kb) contains 15 samples at 6 bits resolution . The tr707 has a cousing with exactly same hardware but with different PCM sounds set, latino-oriented, it's the Roland TR-727. Here's the sample full list, note that some instruments are channel-shared: 
PCM Channel
Bass drum1
Snare drum2
low tom3
mid tom4
high tom5
Roland tr707

Sequencer and Sync

 SEQUENCER notes can be entered by either in realtime with metronome or in step mode with a 16 steps grids
Some recording functions: 
- shuffle adjustment 
- swing option 
- variable quantisation resolution 
- different accent velocities settings: off / mid / strong

MIDI the implementation is basic with just velocity, in addition pads transmit assignable Midi notes (not the lenght) using specia Midi mode 2 setting. 

SYNC the TR-707 is also very appreciated as Sync / Midi communication bridge.
It can be synchronized to other units in 3 different manners:  Midi clock  / tape sync / sync at 24PPQ
The trigger out signal generates pulses at +5V (controlled by rimshot) and syncs arpeggiators or sequencer like Juno-60 or SH-101.

Roland tr707

Memory and maintenance

MEMORY MEMORY: 64 patterns  + 4 songs, RAM system works with 2 X 1.5V stilo batteries.
Data can be saved in 2 different ways: 
- memory cartridges 64 Kb model M-64C 
- magnetic tape interface dump (or record a wav file)    

MODIFICATION some common modifications are: changing wave rom set, real-time instrument pitch knobs or barbaric circuitbending. However many of these mods were common when 707 was cheaper, now people tend to prefer intact machine due to raising commercial value.

MAINTENANCE The tr707 is a pretty sturdy and reliable machine, not much to signal. Like many machine from that era, the plastic gets yellowed in time, it's pretty common to apply to special products to invert this, back to a much better white. 


Roland Tr-707 Technical Data

Model: Tr707
Type: digital drum machine based on PCM 
Year: 1985 
Country: japan 
Actual price: 500€ trend up

MEMORY CAPACITY: 64 Patterns (4 Pattern Groups x 16) 
TEMPO: Quarter Note = 38 to 250 
TRACKS: 4 Tracks ( | to |V tracks up to 998 bars) 
STEP NUMBER (Per Bar) 1 to 16 steps 

DRUM VOICES: (15 Voices)  Bass Drums (1 and 2), Snare Drums (1 and 2), Low Tom, Mid Tom, Hi Tom, Rim Shot/Cow Bell, Hand Clap/Tambourine, Closed/Open Hi-Hat, Crash Cymbal, Ride Cymbal, Total Accent 

Master Output (L, R / Mono) 
Multi Outputs 
Bass Drum (1 and 2), Snare Drum (1 and 2), Low Tom, Mid Tom, Hi Tom, 
Rim Shot / Cow Bell, Hand Clap / Tambourine, Closed / Open Hi – Hat, 
Crash Cymbal, Ride Cymbal 
MIDI Input + MIDI Output 
Tape Memory / Sync 
Save / Out, Load / In 
External Control 
Trigger Output (Rim Shot: + 5V, 20ms pulse), Start / Stop (DP – 2), 
Sync In / Out ( 1: Run / Stop, 2: GND, 3: Clock, 5: Continue) 

OPTIONS: Pedal Switch DP-2, Memory Cartridge M-64C 
ACCESSORIES: 12V AC Adaptor, Connection Cord, Owner’s Manual, MIDI 

DIMENSIONS: 380 (W) x 250 (D) x 73 (H) mm 14 – 15 / 16′ x 9 – 13 / 16′ x 2 – 7 / 8′ 
WEIGHT: 1.5kg / 3lb 5oz 

video demo

Do you use this machine ? do you like it?  Let us know in the comment field just below 


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Roland tr707 Roland tr707
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