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Roland CR-1000




Roland Cr1000

info Country: Japan
Weight: 0,9 kg
Dimensions: 304 (w) x 176 (h) x 60 (d) mm
audio demo trend price : 50€
manual demo video comments


Roland CR-1000 (1986)
Digital Drummer


A kind of preset version of classic drum machine TR-505 with same samples soundset but inexplicably lacking the great sequencer.

Part of the famous CR - computer rhythm - series started with the famous analog CR78.

drum pad
drum pad

info DRUM MACHINE main panel features a 7 segment LED display, a rotary selector, 9 knobs and 23 push buttons.

Rear panel terminal connectors:
- main mono signal out
- Midi input
- Midi Thru (no out)
- pedalswitch input start / stop
- pedalswitch input fill-in
- pedalswitch input restart

ac Power supply
is a 9V external PSU DC -)+ negative center.



edit TECH the internal CPU is based on a HD6301 family (HD6301Y033P) manages up to 8 voices polyphony based on PCM samples.



drum machine synthesis in based on PCM samples playback.
Internal (non-expandable) PCM are read from a single 128 kb ROM (at IC12) which contains 16 non-editable percussive sounds recorded at 8 bits /25 kHz rate

CPu Sound list: kick, snare, rimshot, clap, tom (x3), timbale, hh (open/close), crash, cymbal, tambourine, claves and conga (x2).

demo HEAR all PCM

RHYTHM SEQUENCER the internal ROM memory contains 24 preset that cannot be altered but some user-variations that can be manually set:
- shuffle groove amount
- accent button
- intro/ending
- fill-in
- rhythm variation
- accent level
- clap variation.

presets Preset list: rock (x4) disco (x2), 16 beat (x2), swing (x2), shuffle, ballad , reggae, tango, samba (x2), merengue, mambo, chacha, rumba, beguine and bossanova.

demo HEAR samba 1 & 2 pattern

SYNC internal tempo range from 40 to 240 BPM or tempo-slaved to external Midi clock.

edit clock sync


edit MIDI
the CR percussions can be triggered using MIDI but it only responds to note ON/OFF no other controls or CC.


- 24 ROM presets.

cr1000 motherboard

-LEFT - Battery replacement:

3V Cr2032 soldered to mainboard although there's is not much data to save since it is a preset machine... maybe Midi channel setting? Probably you won't even notice battery is dead.

- Click to Enlarge Pic -


editMAINTENANCE and MODIFICATION pretty solid machine but common tact switch that need replacement.

cr1000 motherboard

demo BENDING - CR1000 - can be also easily Circuit bent... as I did


demo HEAR circuit bending demo


demo some preset rhythms p1
demo some preset rhythms p2
demo shuffle range
demo accent range


demo cr1000 circuit bent  
Demo circuit bend  




Company: Roland
Model: Cr-1000
Class: drum machine
Dates: 1986
Display: 7 segment LED
Synthesis: PCM rompler
Polyphony: 8 voices
N.Waves: 16 PCM
Resolution: 8 bits
Sampling rate: 25 kHz
24 patterns
Accent: yes
Shuffle: 0-100%
Sync: Midi clock
Midi: IN / THRU
CPU: HD6301
Demo: 4




Cr1000 free samplepack


brochure cr1000
demo original brochure


brochure cr1000
demo original advert


Roland CR1000 FOR SALE
Weird sound Generator FOR SALE



motherboard1 voicing board Roland IC
solid solid
Cheap as Hell Obsolete PCM


REVIEW : "Well it's a TR-505 with an arranger instead of classic TR sequencer - which was the best part btw. Sounds are quite old but classic. It's up to you!"

manual manual
-cheap - no sequencer
-cheesy arranger
- outdated sound
  -no Midi Out


"Welcome to the CR1000 manual. The roland Drum machine Cr1000 contains 16 digital drum voices
with 24 different basic rhythm patterns and 24 variation patterns" MANUAL

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Roland CR-1000 Roland CR-1000
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