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Emu Proteus MPS




Emu Proteus MPS

info Country: USA
Weight: 10 kg
Dimensions: n/a
audio demo trend price : 150€
manual demo video comments

Emu Proteus MPS - model 9030 (also 9031 expanded)
Master Performance System (1991)


Early keyboard version of the famous module Emu Proteus 1 adding a special FX DSP section

The Proteus series do not have filter - which is pretty big miss.


edit MPS

infoKEYBOARD 61 keys with velocity and aftertouch. Main panel features a 16 x 2 LCD display, 30 push button, 1 volume slider and 1 data encoder.

Rear panel terminal connectors:
- main signal out
- Midi interface
- headphones
- 1 pedalswitch input (e.g. SUSTAIN)
- 1 pedal input (e.g. VOLUME).

Front panel terminal connectors:
- headphones.

info POWER SUPPLY: is quite weird with custom connector DINS (18V AC) DO NOT get a MPS without the PSU.



edit TECH main core based on a Motorola MC 68000 manages up to 32 channels polyphony.

STRUCTURE A MPS voice is composed by 2 elements samples called "primary" and "secondary" with some edit parameters:
- pitch tuning (fine and coarse)
- keyzone assignments
- start delay
- stereo panning
- mix level
- reverse playback
- chorus mode (it fats voice up).

motorola 68000

edit WAVETABLE internal 4Mb ROM - 125 PCM waves at 39 kHz / 16 bits resolution.
PCM wavetable contains all kind of sounds samples including: piano, string, sax, trumpet, brass, guitar, bass, organs, drums, percussions and basic waveforms (digital, square, harmonics, short-cycled).



edit EXPANSION some different upgrades were available:
- Plus extra rom adds 4 MB of orchestral sounds (same found on PROTEUS 2 module)

plus orchestra

edit PERFORMANCE multitimbric system up to 16 parts some special functions:
- solo monophonic mode (for OSC1/OSC2/BOTH)
- crossfade balance between primary and secondary
- pitchbend range (+/- 1 OCT)
- 3 footswitch assignable controls (eg: sustain, portamento, hold...)
- key velocity control
- FX amount
- Quickeys function: enable a special 4 patches setup recall with zone assignment
- Keyboard Split zone.

motorola 68000


edit LFO 2 delayed modulators (shapes: sin, triangle, saw, square and random) for pitch with variable amount and random fluctuation.


edit ENVELOPE there are 3 EGS .
Structure : 4 segments + 2 times called DAHDSR which stands for Delay, Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain, and Release. Special "Alternate" mode plays the EG forward and then Backward.
- EG1 primary sample amplitude
- EG2 secondary sample amplitude
- EG3 AUX (assignable) EG can be assigned to the matrix control.
In addition 4 preset velocity curves.



edit EFFECT unlike the previous rackmount, MPS features a double DSP engine for effects A/B:
A- REVERBS: delay, reverb (plate, chamber, hall, warm), stereo chorus, EQ, echo.
- VARIOUS: flanger, chorus, phaser, fuzz, ring modulator, cross delay, EQ.



edit MIDI full sysex commands and some basic CC controls including: panning, modulation and 4 assignable controllers ABCD (see "matrix" below).
TECH: for some stupid reasons, the MPS is not fully compatible with Proteus 1 patche for different bank strucure 1-100 vs 1-127.

the "real-time control" allows some special modulation routings:

Sources: destinations:
modulation wheel
Midi Control A/B/C/D
key pressure
key note
Pitch osc1/osc2/both
volume osc1/osc2/both
all EG segments osc1/osc2/both
LFO 1 amount /rate
LFO 2 amount /rate
panning osc1/osc2/both
sample start osc1/osc2/both

- 100 ROM patches
- 100 RAM slots.
RAM 256 KB S-RAM doubled if memory card fitted.
Sounds can be saved only using Midi sysex, no external medias.
Battery replacement: soldered Lithium BR2-3 3V battery.

battery replacement



proteus mps PROTEUS 1 more or less the rackmount version without FX DSP
emu protozoa

PROTOZOA ROM expansion rom board includes all waves from Proteus 1/2/3 for 2k and 1k machine, including: proteus 2000, B3, XL-1, Orbit 3, Virtuoso and more.


effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are some free and commercial samples set:

  name price demo
Waveshapper EMU proteus VX VST FREE!
all samples!
cakewalk samples

- digitalsoundfactory




effet EDITOR some computer-based editors:
- Jsynthlib (free)
- Midi QUEST (commercial)

emu proteus mps editor


demo performance mix: piano + strings
demo performance mix 2: choir + strings
demo performance mix3: dance (!)
demo performance mix4: ambient
demo piano: stereo
demo piano: kinda rhodes
demo organ: hammond b3
demo strings: acoustic
demo strings: with choir
demo flute: classic
demo choir: simple
demo synth: arpeggio
demo synth: harmonics
demo drums: pop kit
demo drums: jungle
demo FX: lfo
demo FX: 8 bits arcade
demo pad: digital
demo ethnic: asia
demo Vibraphone
demo harpsichord: Lully


demo1 audio demo Emu Proteus 1 bending
Demo demo2 Proteus 1 bending




Company: EMU
Model: Proteus MPS
Class: synthesizer
Keyboard: 61 keys
Dates: 1991
Price: 150€
Synthesis: PCM rompler
Resolution: 16 bits
S.rate: 39 kHz
N.waves: 125 PCM
Polyphony: 32 voices
Multitimbric: 16 parts
Memory: 100 slots
LFO: 2
Demo: 19



-more demo (FX)
-free sample set




switch on holding <MASTER> and <PRESET> You are into DIAGNOSTIC MODE. Select INITIALIZE.







emu logo


Emu Proteus MPS FOR SALE
Emu Proteus MPS FOR SALE


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emu logo

Company: EMU
Model: Proteus MPS
Class: synthesizer
Keyboard: 61 keys
Dates: 1991
Price: 150€
Synthesis: PCM rompler
Resolution: 16 bits
S.rate: 39 kHz
N.waves: 125 PCM
Polyphony: 32 voices
Multitimbric: 16 parts
Memory: 100 slots
LFO: 2
Demo: 19


REVIEW "Bit old sample wavetable and no filter section. The fx section is a nice feature compared to previous Proteus module. Beware of some possible issues with keyboard, psu and display."

manual manual
-cheap - obsolete
- no filter

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