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Akai XR-10




akai xr10

info Country: Japan
Weight: 1,7 Kg
Dimensions: 350 (w) x 241 (h) x 68 (d) mm
audio demo price trend: 100€
manual demo samples comments

Akai XR-10
16 bits PCM DRUM MACHINE (1990)


Budget digital drum machine based on 16-bits samples with sequencer, preset rhythm patterns and trigger pads.

drum machine

info DRUM MACHINE 16 x 2 lines display (no backlight) , 2 knobs, 29 buttons and 15 trigger pads (no velocity) assignable to any Midi notes.

Back panel terminals connectors:
- main signal out
- Midi interface
- headphones
- 2 pedalswitch inputs for start-stop and FILL IN functions.

ac Power supply external PSU 12V / 200 mA -)+ polarity.


edit TECH
the XR10 is a digital drum machine based on a 8-bits CPU NEC D78C10G part of Z80 Zilog processor which handles up to 8 voices polyphony.

16 bits The sound is generated by internal PCM samples stored in an internal ROM wavetable, each PCM samples can be also backward, pitch-tuned at 2 octaves range and finally located in the stereo L/R panning position.

WAVETABLE the XR ROM contains 64 PCM samples recorded at 16 bits resolution.
Most of the samples are old school big drums, acoustic gated toms but also electro percussions in a perfect Kraftwerk-like style.

xr10 pcm SOUND LIST: bass drums (x10), snares (x10), rimshots (x2), hihats (x3), toms (x12), crash (x2), ride cymbal (x2), claps, finger snap, conga (x4), vibraslap, guiros (x2), cabasa, tambourine, triangle (x2), cowbell, claves, timbales (x2), agogo (x2) , slap bass and a FX ochestral hit.
demo Hear all internal sounds

edit INTERFACE all edit with single parameter with limited display:

akai xr10 tech

One of most irritating function of the machine is the MEMORY PROTECT which is always turns back to ON when switching off the drum machine - no to mention the lack of backlit display.

edit "So, you know what happens when they cut corners"




ENVELOPE each assigned sample have 1 single EG that features:

decay2 - 1 segment DECAY

- 1 time SUSTAIN (31 levels each)

LFO section offers a single modulator SWEEP for the pitch:


the XR10 modulator LFO Parameters:

- frequency rate

- depth modulation

- polarity inversion

SEQUENCER The maximum global resolution is fixed to 1/96 and offers 8 different level of quantisation (or humanize) from 1/4 to 1/48 plus a classic array of traditional edit functions like copy, insert or repeats. Created sequences and songs can be data dumped to Midi exclusives protocol.
A basic pattern is programmed with 4 sub-levels (FILL-INS, INTRO, ENDING and BREAKS) that can be played back with dedicated function buttons.

recording xr10 Note entries system works in 2 different modes:
A- realtime at 96 ppqn resolution
B- simple step entries.

demo Hear electro sequence

MIDI sound kits can be triggered using Midi interface, however implementation is rather basic and offers only control on velocity sytem.

sync SYNC internal tempo range 40-296 BPM or XR can be slaved to external Midi clock, altough some sync issues have been reported (maybe depends on the OS?).

demo Hear synched synth


edit MEMORY:
- 300 notes per pattern
- 20 songs
- 450 presets patterns
- 50 styles with: 3 variations, 3 fill-ins + break +1 intro + 1 ending.

akai xr10 mainboard

LEFT - Memory battery replacement, a standard soldered Cr2032 3V

- Click to enlarge -


edit MAINTENANCE quite reliable but pads trouble: graphite contact just goes dying after many pressures and years-

pad fix repair

PAD REPAIR: Cleaning with alcohol or various stuff will do nothing and can worsen situation for sure, best solution is electro conductive solution

- Click to enlarge PIC -



akai xe8

XE-8 Rackmount percussion expander is similar but with a different soundset

circuit bent

XR-10 circuit bent: like many cheap romplers, the XR is frequently modded with circuit bending process on the ROM wavetable - usually recommanded for people who enjoy glitch and weird digital noises


Company: Akai
Model: XR-10
Class: Drum Machine
Pads: 15 non-dynamic
Display: 16 x 2 lines
Dates: 1990
Synthesis: PCM rompler
N. Samples: 64 PCM
Sample Resolution: 16 bits
Polyphony: 8 voices
Sequencer: 20 songs
Rec resolution: 96 ppqn
SYNC: Midi
Envelope: 1 EG
LFO: 1 modulator
Memory: 50 styles
OS: latest V2.2
Demo: 5


demo super MIX : XR10 + Moog Little Phatty bass
demo demo with Sequential circuits Pro1
demo raw electro pattern
demo raw pattern drum
demo raw retro pattern





OS is burnt on EPROM, test version is 2.2
RESET/ FACTORY PROCEDURE Switch on pressing [1] + [2] button. Select.




fre samples


xr10 warning
edit editXR10 warning



Akai xr10 for sale





motherboard logo circuit

OLDSCHOOL Nervous edit


REVIEW "I do personally love that electro EBM industrial sounds character with not-so-common samples onboard. Give it a try"

manual manual
- some great samples - cheap built
- old school
- edit

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16 bits PCM DRUM MACHINE Akai XR-10
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