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Zoom GFX-8



Zoom gfx8

audio demo Country: Japan
Weight: 3,6 Kg
Dimensions: n/a
audio demo trend price : 100€
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Zoom Gfx-8
Guitar effect processor (2000)


Guitar effects processor based on VAMS hybrid analog-digital technology. Bread and butter effects with some special functions like sampler and synth processor.


info PEDAL Main panel features segment display, 6 footswitches, 9 push buttons, 7 knobs and 3 rotative switches.

Rear panel terminal connectors:
- input
- AUX input
- send/return
- stereo out
- headphones out
- Midi interface
- expression pedal input.

ac Power supply is an external PSU 12VDC

edit VOICE based on VAMS Variable Architecture Modeling System at 20 bits resolution 40kHz.
The GFX8 features 3 independent effects modules:
1- drive
2- modulation
3- delay & reverb.
Before, signal can be also pre-routed to 2 dynamic stages:
- amp simulator: manages different models of cabinet emulations like combo, stack, clean and bright.
- ZNR zoom noise Rreduction: eliminates hums and other unwanted noises.

gfx8 routing

edit EFFECTS a total of 67 editable effects are split into 3 families:
- drive: distortion, compressor, crunch, fuzz, metal, drive and vintage mode
- mod: phaser, wah, chorus, flanger, tremolo, ring modulation, pitch shifter, slow attack and delay
- dly/rev: delay, stereo chorus, hall and room reverbs.


edit SFX EFFECTS The DLY/REV also offers 5 special SFX* algorithms:
- jammer: 25 second phrase sampler with optional real-time pitch stretch
- gated reverb: reverb with EG envelope
- hps: changes the pitch of a note following following a preset scale
- synth: generates a kind of synthesizer sound with note tracking
- twin pitch: is a double pitch-shifter
EQUALIZER sound gain be defined using the 4-bands EQ.
*the SFX inhibits the MOD section.


edit MEMORY:
- 160 ROM patches
- 80 RAM patches.

edit EDIT patch and sounds can be created directly using a dedicated program GFX-8ED still available at Zoom website for free. Designed for windows 95/98, it runs on XP systems.

Electro harmonix Mini-synthesizer


edit MAINTENANCE some common issues on the footswitches contacts.


demo guitar modulation
demo guitar phaser
demo guitar ring modulator
demo ZOOM demos


gfx8 video2 video3
video1 video2 video3

audio demo



ZOOM GFX8 reset procedure

Turn on the GFX8 keeping STORE. ALL INIT appears, press STORE once more.









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-not so intuitive
-cabinet emulations


REVIEW "Still a good choice, for a lot of good effect, especially modulation and filtered ones. "

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Zoom Gfx8 3 out of 5 based on 8 ratings. price €100