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Yamaha W7

Music Workstation (1994)


Overview and synthesis

KEYBOARD 61 keys sensitive to velocity and pressure,  two wheels for pitch bend and modulation. A pretty large LCD 240 x 64 pixels backlit screen with adjustable contrast with nearby 8  function keys for quick edit. For storage a quite old 3.5 2DD type floppy disks 720 Kb.
NOTE: there is also a 76 keys version, model Yamaha W5

Audio output: Output (L/Mono, R), Phones  
Foot pedals: Sustain, Foot Controller, Foot Volume,MIDI: IN, OUT, THRU

SOUND  32-note polyphonic keyboard  rompler, one of the first ALL PCM workstation from Yamaha featuring  8MB rom at 16-bit,  at maximum (not very clear from manual) 48kHz resolution , with so-called AWM2 technology (second generation Advanced Wave Memory). 
NOTE : an EPROM upgrades to V2 adds many new features and sounds.


Edit, effects

EDIT A patch is composed by up to four tones (about 500 PCM) - each tone takes a 1 voice polyphony; there are 384 INSTRUMENT VOICES organized into 21 class family + 10 DRUM KITS, including the 128General MIDI voices . It is possible to edit LFO, FILTER and ENVELOPE settings.

EFFECTS : 75 FX ready to go (reverb, delay, chorus, auto panning, 3-band EQ, Aural Exciter, pitchchange, distortion ...) generated by two independent DSP effects with  Insertion Effects each with three different types of effects generators. An Insertion Effect can be assigned to each voice in Voice Edit Mode, and switched on andoff via the mixer. As many as three Insertion Effects can be used in a multi. 

GS /  GM Global standard configuration of 128 instrument voices and specified MIDIchannel assignments and other parameters, reading Midi file from internal disk drive. It is also possible to export Yamaha ESEQ sequences into Midi file format either 0 or 1.

Performance and sequencer

PERFORMANCE a multi lets you design acomplete music production from start to finish and store it as a song in any ofthe 16 internal song memories. A multi is the configuration of all performanceand voice settings and other data which combine to create a stereo song mix .
Within a multi, you can assign up to 16 on-board Instrument voices to the 16-track sequencer, plus determine all effects and mixer settings as well as MIDIcontrol status and many other parameters

SEQUENCER sequencer with real-time, step and punch-in recording, and extensive song editing jobs. The 16sequences in song memory can be specified to play back one after another. There are also16 banks of 128 Song voice memories and 16 banks of 2 Song drum voice. Song voice bank per each song memory which are handy fororganizing voices and drums for specific songs or live performance setups andstoring them together with song multi data on floppy disks for quick and easyaccess

EXPANSION There were four expansion boards available for the W5 and W7:
    -WEMB01 - Concert Grand (4MB) 
    -WEMB02 - Vintage Sounds (4MB) 
    -WEMB03 - Rhythm Sounds 
    -WEMB04 - Dance Massive

W7 w5

Yamaha W7 Technical Data

Yamaha W7 Specifications

Year Released: 1994

Keyboard: 61 keys with velocity and aftertouch

Polyphony: 32 notes

Multitimbral: 16 parts

Sequencer: 16 tracks, 16 songs (100,000 note memory)

Preset Patches: 256

User Patches: 128

Preset Performances: 128

Preset Drum Kits: 10

User Drum Kits: 2

ROM: 8MB (384 voices at 16-bit, 48kHz resolution)

Sequencer Resolution: 96 PPQN

Effects: 35 insertion effects, 40 system-wide effects including delay, reverb, and chorus.

Screen: 240 x 64 pixel LCD

Power Consumption: 20 watts

Dimensions: 1067 mm × 371 mm × 121 mm

Weight: 14 kg


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Audio demo and video 

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