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Yamaha TG-500




yamaha tg500

infoCountry: JAPAN
Weight: 4,5 Kg
Dimensions: n/a
audio demo trend price : 150€
manual demo video comments

Yamaha TG-500
Tone Generator (1992)


Upgraded Yamaha SY-85 rackmount module version adding double polyphony and a bigger ROM wavetable with 50 new PCM samples.


info RACKMOUNT single rack unit.
The main panel features 24 X 2 lines display, 1 knob and 12 buttons

Back panel terminal connectors:
- Midi interface
- main out
- 4 assignable AUX.

Front panel terminal connectors:
- headphones
- 2 card slots for data and PCM.


info TECH
main core is the HD6475328CP12 (h8/532 family) synthesis based on rompler 16 bits AWM2 advanced wave memory II (mainly IC YMW266-F) manages 64 voices polyphony ; relative DAC is a Burr-brown PCM56P + Ym3029 IC. A TG voice is composed by 4 PCM sample layers each with individual settings:

edit - volume gain
- analog out assign
- pitch tuning
- stereo panning position
- velocity switch
- keyboard zone assign
- effect amount

MB ROM contains 294 PCM samples at 16 bits resolution into 2 PCM banks A/B
and 16 sound categories for quick retrieval: acoutsic piano, other keyboard, brass, wind, strings, acoustic guitaris, electric guitar, bass, follk- ethnic, synth, choir, tuned percussion, drums, sfx and basic oscillator waveforms.


- P1 PCM bank: 244 samples same from Sy-85 workstation

- P2 PCM bank: 50 new samples.

demo hear piano EP SAMPLE



EXPANSION the wavetable can be expanded using some cards usually set of PCM+DATA. PCM cards are compatible with 16 bits yamaha machines inlcuding : Sy-55 / Tg-55 / Ry-30 / Sy-99/ Sy-77 / Tg-77.

ID n. card name Publisher pic
SY8501 2 Jazz & Funk Yamaha pic
SY8502 2 Rock & Pop II Yamaha X
SY8503 2 Ethnic Sounds Yamaha pic
Metrasound 1 / Metrasound X
Pro-rec 1 / Pro-rec X

internal 512kb of non-volatile RAM can be expanded up to 3 MB using custom SYEMB06 memories. Up to 64 samples can be loaded by Midi dump and directly available in the waveform table under a special category.

sample import demo hear SAMPLE imported from Atari ST speech synthesizer

the MULTIMODE manages up to 16 parts with individual

- volume gain mix
- stereo panning
- pitch tuning
- effect balancing amount
- aftertouch can be assigned to LFO pitch/amplitude/filter, filter cutoff and EG Bias.
tg500 functions

single resonant digital filter and 4 preset modes:

filter - lowpass sets at 2 or 4 poles mode
- highpass
- bandpass
- band reject
demo hear filter sweep

info LFO
a single delayed modulator (shapes are triangle, upsawtooth, sinewave, down-sawtooth, square and S&H with variable phase attac.) and 3 destinations:

Sy85 LFO - amplitude
- pitch
- filter cutoff
demo hear lfo

system features 3 EGs:
- EG pitch: 4 segments + 4 times + 1 rate scaling with sensibility level
- EG amplitude: 5 segments + 2 times + 4 levels scaling
- EG filter : segments + 7 times + 4 levels scaling.

double DSP in serial or parallel mode for a total of 90 editable effects presets including: reverb, flanger, exciter, EQ, delay, phaser, Leslie and ring modulator.
demo hear flanger effect

EDIT classic programmers are:

- Soundiver (commercial PC/MAC)

- Take500 (Atari ST) PIC

- Galaxy Plus Editors

- VED (commodore Amiga) PIC

- Midiquest (commercial PC/MAC)
sy85 editor


info MEMORY:
- 256 ROM voices
- 128 ROM performances
- 128 RAM voices
- 64 RAM performances
- 0KB sample RAM factory.
Sound ram doubled if yamaha MCD64 memory card is fitted
Sample ram can be upgraded by 512Kb for each memory boards SYEMB06 for a maximum of 1024 Kb.

tg 500 main board

- LEFT - BATTERY REPLACEMENT soldered CR-2032 3V Battery + 1 Cr for each extra SYEMB06 -

- click to enlarge picture -

VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are some free and commercial samples set:

free sy85 tg500 samples Martin 78

samples DRUM SET



yamaha sy85 SY-85 workstation differences:
- Sy85 has real-time sliders
- half polyphony
- 6Mb ROM (sys85) instead of 8mb (tg500)
- built-in Sample ram for SY85
- disk drive for Sy85
- 2 card slots instead of 4
- less patch ROM/RAM
yamaha rm50 RM-50
Very close to Tg500 structure but dedicated to DRUM samples with analog triggers. Use same sample ram boards.


demo TG500 factory demo1
demo TG500 factory demo2
demo TG500 factory demo3
demo piano: ragtime
demo piano: pure plastic
demo EP: tines
demo EP: rhodes
demo Clavinet: D6 funk
demo Organ: cheap sixties
demo Organ: church register
demo Vintage: brassy
demo Vintage: african brass
demo Vintage: dusty transitor
demo Vintage: poly synth
demo Choir: mellow
demo Choir: paddy
demo Choir: air
demo Bass: like a DX7
demo Bass: slap
demo Brass: kinda
demo Guitar: ultima stones

demo Synth: time
demo Synth: delay
demo Synth: resonance
demo Synth: old CBM64
demo Synth: LFO style
demo Synth: voice
demo Pad: aztech
demo Pad: slow
demo Pad: orbit
demo Pad: filter EG
demo Pad: evolving
demo Pad: flanged
demo Pad: short decay
demo Pad: epic
demo Pad: digital hope
demo Pad: morning pad
demo Pad: ambient 1
demo Pad: ambient 2
demo Pad: ambient cymbal
demo Pad: panning pad
demo Pad: choired
demo SAMPLE: imported Atari speech
demo Drum: kit standard
demo Percussion: ethno
demo Percussion: bronx
demo FX1
demo FX2
demo FX3
demo FX4
demo FX5
demo FX6
demo FX7
demo EXTRA Sy 85 factory demo 1
demo EXTRA Sy 85 factory demo 2
demo EXTRA Sy 85 factory demo 3
demo EXTRA Sy 85 factory demo 4
demo EXTRA Yamaha demo disk 1
demo EXTRA Yamaha demo disk 2


Yamaha TG 500 - Sounds yamaha TG500 - Pads Yamaha TG 500
Sounds Pads demo




Company: Yamaha Corp.
Model: TG-500
Class: Module Synthesizer
Rack: 1 unit height
Dates: 1992
Display: 24 X 2 lines
Synthesis: PCM rompler
Technology: AWM2
N. Samples: 294 PCM
Resolution: 16 bits
Polyphony: 64 voices
Multitimbric: 16 parts
Filter: LPF / HPF / BPF / BEF
LFO: 1 modulator
Envelope: 3 EGs
Effect: 90 modes
Midi: IN / OUT / THRU
CPU: H8/532
Demo: 60


hi res thumb






Switch ON holding: PLAYMODE + UTILITY + EXIT - it will rest the internal memory.





Yamaha TG-500 FOR SALE:

Yamaha TG-500 FOR SALE:






motherboard card slot Os eprom



REVIEW"Maybe a bit old for acoustic but still interesting for evolvingpad sounds.
TG500 is ruined by a awkward interface. If you like deep edit, then keyboard Sy85 is a wiser choice for the 8 real-time sliders. "

manual manual
- good sounds -edit interface
- affordable
-not intuitive
-sample import - old PCM

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Yamaha TG-500Yamaha TG-500
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