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Yamaha TG-33



Yamaha Tg33

audio demo Country: Japan
Weight: 2,8 Kg
Dimensions: 439 (w) x 229,9 (h) x 80,4 (d) mm
audio demo trend price : 200€
manual demo video comments

Yamaha TG-33
Tone Generator (1990)


The Yamaha Sy-22 vectorial-synthesis module version with some minor technical enhancements.

The TG-33 is an Interesting machine lo-fidelity based on a mix of low-fidelity PCM and FM synthesis called DASS technology,

vector synthesis

info MODULE Main panel features a 16 x 2 lines backlit display, 35 buttons, 3 knobs and a special joystick ball for vector function control.

Rear panel terminal connectors:
- Midi interface
- main signal out
- AUX out dry.


ac Power supply is an external PSU +)- 700 mA 10V DC.

TECH main CPU HD6475328CP-10 (part of h8/523 family ) system manages a total of 32 voices polyphony generated by a custom chip GEW5 (TMC3493PH), relative DAC is a IC YM3032.

tg33 cpu The TG33 voice system is based on Yamaha custom DASS - Dual Architecture Synthesis System - which mixes two syntheses:

- AWM PCM samples (16 voices)
- FM frequency modulation (16 voices)

AWM + FM STRUCTURE basic patch combines the DASS tones in 2 modes:

8 bits wavetable - 1 PCM + 1 FM
- 2 PCM + 2 FM.
PCM are always assigned to TONE A-C and FM to TONE B-D, then elements can be mixed or detune using the apposite vector joystick.

AWM SYNTHESIS the 1 MB PCM ROM contains 128 waveforms coded at 8 bits.

awm2 internal non-expandable 1 mb Wavetable is organized into 16 instrument categories:

piano, percussion, guitar, transient, organ, synth, bass, basic waveform, brass, FX, string, sequence, wood, hits, vocal and drum.

FM frequency modulation engine is a 2 OP class with 8 harmonic sinewave variations.
Fm edit from panel is limited to basic parameters like feedback, while advanced functions like algorithm, waveform, frequency and others can be changed only by Midi Sysex commands.

2op The Tg33 includes 256 FM presets organized into 16 categories: piano, reed, percussion, FX, organ, pluck, synth sustain, brass, bass, synth motion, wood, string, decay, OSC1 basic, OSC2 basid FM and OSC3 basic FM2.

EXPANSION the TG33 cannot be expanded, there are just some sound libraries available (also compatible with SY22 and Sy35) - pics from ebay auctions:

ID n. card name Publisher pic
VC2250W (22) 1 Stage collection Yamaha pic
VC2251W (22) 1 Studio Vector 1 Yamaha  
VC2252W (22) 1 Studio Vector 2 Yamaha pic
VC2253W (22) 1 Shofuku Yamaha pic
none (22/33) 1 Assorted appetizers Sound source pic
VC3301 (33) 1 Stage Selection Yamaha  
VC3302 (33) 1 Studio Selection Yamaha  
VC3501 (35) 1 Pop Standards Yamaha  
VC3502 (35) 1 Super Synth Yamaha  
none (22) 1 Vector project Yamaha pic
none (22) 1 disk Piano greytsound pic
none (22) 1 disk Fretted greytsound pic
none (22) 1 disk Synth 2
greytsound pic
none (22) 1 disk Percussion greytsound pic


ENVELOPE 1 indipendent EG per ELEMENT:

EG - FM: 4 segments ADSR + 4 times
- AWM: 4 segments ADSR + 4 times.

In addition there are 7 preset EG for common instruments, a special delay function which sets a time before engaging the EG and 16 kind of keysacaling models (for amplitude rate scaling).

edit VECTOR function crossfades s the overall envelope applying a special defined motion traced by the joystick ball, then movement can be recorded in real-time and played back (also by Midi control change).

schema vector
demo HEAR
vector panning recording

PERFORMANCE up to 16 parts with individual settings:

tech - Midi channel
- stereo panning
- volume mix
- detune pitch
- analog out assign
- modulation amout (to aftertouch or wheel)

edit LFO each tone features a single delayed modulator (shapes: saw-up, saw-down, square, sample & hold and triangle).

LFo MODULATOR destinations are:
1a- LFO FM amplitude
1b- LFO AWM amplitude
2a- LFO FM pitch
2b- LFO AWM pitch.

EFFECTS DSP Digital Signal Processor based on IC YM3413 (same as Sy55) with 16 effects no possible edit organized roughly in 3 sections:
- delay: long or ping pong
- digital distortion.

- reverb: hall, room, plate, club, metal and gated demo HEAR internal reverb

edit MIDI just a few basic MIDI CC# but Midi Exclusives are supported.
Tg33 souds are partially compatible to Sy-22 keyboard model since performance has a different structure.


tg 33 internal circuits

- 64 ROM patches
- 64 RAM patches
- 16 RAM multis
RAM can be doubled using special MCD32 or tripled using bigger model MCD64.

LEFT : Memory system works with a soldered CR-2032 battery, replacement involves soldering on the tg33 motherboard - click for bigger picture -



tg 33 circuit bending

Our TG33 has been bent on the PCM section with some nice gritty digital textures.


demo random circuit bent TG33 session

edit EDITOR many good programs:

tg 33 internal circuits - Soundquest (mac/pc) PIC

- Tg33 editor (mac)

- Sy edit (Atari ST) PIC

- Plompy voice editor (ST/PC)


Yamaha sy22- Sy-22- quite the same but without double analog outs and half polyphony VIDEO
Yamaha sy35 Sy-35 a major improvement with higher ROM quality and better performance handling VIDEO



VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there is no official VST plugin, however some similar programs and samples:



-Psychic Modulation Aethereal

Free samples




tg33 cat yamaha tg33
mmm get down?    

Company: Yamaha
Model: TG-33
Class: Synth Module
Dates: 1990
Display: 16 x 2 lines
Technology: digital DASS
Synthesis: HYBRID
Polyphony: 32 voices
Multitimbric: 16 parts
Oscillator: 4
LFO: 4 modulators
Envelope: 4 EGs
Filter: none
Effect: 16
Memory: 64 slots
CPU: h8/523
DAC: YM3032



demo track: 100% FM Tg33 - just FM
demo First Tg33 voice
demo Vector square
demo Vector Pan
demo Vector werk
demo Vector pluck morpher
demo Vector synth
demo Vector harsh
demo Vector raw 1 - raw 2
demo Vector slow - inverse - pulse
demo pad 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
demo EP Rhodes - DX tines
demo Piano reverb
demo Piano strings
demo Organ classic
demo cheap soul organ
demo synth riff
demo "analog" bass
demo Brass lo fi
demo arpeggio square
demo Synth corman
demo FX eerie - evil
demo Drums test
demo factory demos :sy22/tg35 /sy35
demo XP tweaking only FM
demo XP circuit bent TG33

demohave some TG33





Sy22/ tg33
2000 *FREE* patches collection DOWNLOAD




test procedure and factory reset

With power on press and hold Voice, Demo, and 16.


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Yamaha TG-33 FOR SALE
yamaha tg33 for sale








eprom tg33 vector vector ball
solid solid
HYBRID LO-FI achievement


REVIEW "Fun unit with very lo fidelity sounds. Some very good textures out of PCM and FM syntheses."

manual manual
-PCM + FM no filter
-no deep edit from panel


"Congratulation! you're about to enter an exciting new world of vector synthesis combining Yamaha's advanced AWM sample playbak technology with high-performance FM tone generation. Vector synthesis allows you to create and control synthesized sound with unprecendent ease" MANUAL

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Yamaha TG-33 Module Yamaha TG-33 Module
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