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Yamaha PSR-8000

portatone Arranger (1998)


"A major improvement from previous PSR-7000 portatone with better sound and better performances"

Overview and synthesis

KEYBOARD   five-octave keyboard (C-C) sensitive to velocity and aftertouch, 2 bass reflex loudspeakers (with Bass Reflex), the PSR-8000 is also equipped with two knobs (pitch bend and modulation), a floppy disk drive, an output headphones and a microphone / line audio input. All is edited on a large backlit LCD screen of 320 x 240.

SYNTHESIS 741  AWM tones at 16 bits rompler (which is 12 MB of samples in ROM) organized by genre  (piano, strings, percussion ...) with a specific XG bank with 480 tones.

SAMPLING sample engine at 44.1 kH /16 bits (microphone or line)  or WAV/AIFF sample import from  diskettes or HD (optional) .
Delivered as standard with 1 MB of RAM expandable up to 33 MB with PC SIMM with pair (4, 8 or 16 MB), have an access time of at least 70 nanoseconds (or  faster).  Samples have some minimal edit such as resampling, the position of a loop point, normalization and of course erasing a portion of a sample.


Arranger and Harmonizer

ARRANGER  214 styles classified by genre (e.g8 beat / 16beat, rock, ballad, latin, etc.), each of them having two intros , two endings, two breaks and two variations.  The creation of user styles is quite possible, the result can be stored in one of the sixteen memories available for this purpose. Each part is programmable (intro, break, end ...) manually or from an external sequencer.

HARMONIZER  the voice harmonizer allows you to modify an external sound source by means of preprogrammed effects (or programmed by the user). Just connect a microphone (or a line level source) to the audio input of the arranger, then to select the type of effect desired in the appropriate menu - good news, a  vocoder part is includedvia the pitch bend wheel or the accompaniment chord, of the pitch of the harmony on the source audio

MIDI Altough the psr is made for yamaha XG format, therefore is supports more standard General MIDI. 

Storage and Effects

STORAGE  internal HD floppy disk or you can mount an optional  2.5 "IDE hard drive of 780 MB  placed on the back of the keyboard, inside a small hatch that appears ,piece of cake for installation. 

EFFECTS  A multi-processor system is integrated and provides up to seven independent digital DSPs, in addition to the voice harmonizer and the five-band master equalizer, we have: Reverb, chorus, delay, flanger, distortion and others are therefore on the program, with of course the possibility of setting your own and storing them.  In total,24 reverberations,20 choruses, 19 types of treatments and 27 insertion effects 


PSR8000 Technical Data

Technical sheet
Keyboard : 61 keys (velocity + aftertouch)
Polyphony : 64 voices
Screen : backlit LCD (240 x 320)
Wheels : Pitch Bend and modulation
Sounds : 741 (12 MB of samples)
Arrangements : 214 styles + 16 users
Pads : 4 (50 preset banks + 10 users)
Memory registrations : 8 x 16
Mixing console : yes
Equalizer : 29 parts and 5-band master equalizer
Sequencer : 16 tracks / 60,000 events, Lyrics function for karaoke
Floppy drive : 3 "1/2 (2HD / 5DD), optional 780 MB hard drive
Compatibility : GM / XG / XF
Memory sampling : 1 MB (expandable to 33 MB)
Multi-effects : 24 reverbs, 20 chorus, 98 DSP, 2 dynamic filters
Audio output : stereo in 6.35 jacks
Audio input : line / microphone in 6.35 jack
Auxiliary audio input : 6.35mm stereo jack
Pedals : three sockets for switches
To Host socket : yes (PC or Mac)
Speakers : 2 x 16 cm and 2 x 5 cm
Amplification power : 2 x 20 W
MIDI : In, Out and Thru
Dimensions : 105.8 x 44.6 x 17.6 cm
Weight : 16 kg


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Audio demo and video 

yamaha psr8000 portatone yamaha psr8000 portatone
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