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Waldorf Wave

Wavetable Synthesizer (1993)

Huge Iconic son of the PPG wave with a LOT of controls and beautiful sound! propbably the most advanced wavetable synths ever built with analog filter


OVERVIEW 5-octave keyboard is velocity sensitive with aftertouch, lifting tilt front panel (like a minimoog), 3 wheels, a 480 x 64 pixels display LCD and LOT of knobs for real time edit (later inspired on microwave XTK). It has been released in different color SAHARA (yellow) SHADOW (black) and CADMIUM (red)

-PPG wave the spiritual father the module version with sysex for edit and chorus effect
-Waldorf Microwave: the closed thing to the Wave (at 95% due lack of high pass filter, a miracle!) a rackount synth with 8 voice with analog voices.

Terminal connectors:
- Midi Interface (with 2 outs)
- 3 pairs of outputs: 1 main + 2 aux
- aux / returns (stereo)
- 4 signal inputs for sample analysis or shaping envelope
- sustain pedal input  + 2 inputs for assignable pedals.


OSCILLATORS  polyphony is 16 voices that can be expanded up to 48 voices with very rare expansions boards (Waldorf Wave PLUS16). 
Waveis a  hybrid synthesizer with digital waveform generator based on ROM wavetables:  64 wavetables in ROM +  64 RAM (loaded by midi dump or by internal disk drive) note that wavetables 1-30 are pretty similar to those of the father PPG Wave.  A wavetable offers 64 positions (these are the addresses) and the scan process reads the wave according to a start position in a cycled (or randomized) motion that can be defined using an 8-stages specific EG with loop point or by 24 modulation sources (eg. LFO, EG, CC#, velocity, aftertouch). Note that the 3 basic waveforms mentioned above cannot be "scanned". It is also possible to generate waves by internal additive creation process with 64 harmonics built, sample in analysis or by FM with 8 operators. Finally generated waves can be to user memory locations or stored to 3.5" disk. Each voice is composed by 2 oscillator that can be mixed (different level) with digital noise.

ENVELOPE  4 envelopes per voice: ADSR, DADSR, 4 times / level, bipolar 8 times / level including loop

LFO  2 LFOs per voice  that can be synchronized to midi clock with later OS

FILTER there are two basedon CEM 3379 a 24dB low pass + 12dB high pass with resonance, distortion and self oscillation.  Filters can either be connected in series or parallel.

Memory and technical

MEMORY  internal 256 patches, 256 performances. memory can be saved to either Midi or internal disk drive

A lot of good stuff inside:
waldorf voice board : 16 x AD 7545 D / A converter
16 x CEM PD508 multiplexer / Sample and HOLD
16 x CEM 3387 VCF / VCA 
16 x SSM 2024 Quad current controlled amp
2 x Motorola 68000 16 MHz CPU 
2 x Waldorf custom ASICs 
It is incredible as wave seems even more still impressive even than the more modern flagship QUANTUM!

Waldorf wave  Specifications

    61 keyboard with velocity, aftertouch   
    3 wheels (pitch + mod + assignable)
     Polyphony:  Basic version, 16 voices, expandable to 32/  48 voices
    2 digital wavetable oscillators per voice  + White noise 
    1 analog 24dB low-pass and 12dB high-pass filter per voice 

    2 LFOs per voice (can be synchronized with a new OS via MIDI clock)
    4 envelopes per voice: ADSR, DADSR, 4 times / level, bipolar 8 times / level including loop

    480 x 64 pixel display, backlit + 83 buttons  + 54 knobs +  9 endless knobs  +  8 faders

    3 modwheels
    3 separate stereo outputs, monophonic aux send + returns
    4 audio inputs for processing external audio signals through filter and amplifier unit 
    Headphone output (6.3 mm) at the front under the thumbwheels
    CV pedal inputs
    Sustain pedal input
    1 MIDI In, 1 MIDI Thru, 2 MIDI Out
    floppy disk drive for 3.5 inch floppy disks 1.4 MB standard formatted (now can be replaced         with USB Gotek like)

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