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Waldorf Quantum

Polyphonic Synthesizer (2019)

Hybrid analog-digital machine with sampling features designed by Axel Hartmann


OVERVIEW   61 Keys keyboard based on fatar, expensive grey metal case with 2 assignable wheels.
Big LCD touchscreen display with lush colors.

-Iridium is a desktop version with double voices but lacking analog filter

Terminal connectors:
2x stereo audio out for main and aux timbres
Stereo audio input for sample recording and real-time processing
High-Quality 24bit A/D and D/A converters
Headphone out with separate level adjustment
Sustain pedal input
Control pedal connector also capable of CV input (0-5V sensitivity)
USB host type A connector for interfacing MIDI controller or USB drives for sample/preset exchange and software updates
USB device type B connector for interfacing computer or other class-compliant MIDI USB hosts like iOS devices **)
SD Card for sample/preset exchange and software updates
DIN MIDI In, Out & Thru
Integrated power supply unit


OSCILLATORS  quad-core ARM processor manages up to 8 voices polyphony (a bit limited) each composed by 3 "oscillators" with bi-timbral features The quantum is a kind of sumup of waldorf past plugin experience offering 4 different synthesis engine:
-wavetable with possible sample import by memory card with classic cycle mode ispired by PPG with classic travel mode with loop points
-waveform classic "analog" waves like saw, sine triangle, noise , with special kernel stack for roland super osc mode with special fat detune mode. Also massive unison mode stack all voices.
-particle importing samples (4GB of flash storage or sampling by input) for basically granular features with classic randomish  behaviour with pitch, spread, position jitter , attack and decay.
-resonator generates tones based on an exciter signal which passes through a band-pass filter bank. Remind classic Virtual analog from the nineties.

FILTER  a dual-analogue self-oscillating low-pass filter (with 12/24dB slopes). There are four types of low-pass filter (including saturated/ driven versions) and eight configurations routing of filters. There are independent cutoff + resonance controls for each filter . It is possibile to switch to digital filter "Former"  with HP, BP, Notch, bitcrusher and drive, plus filters ispired by classic hardware from the past or plugins.

LFO 6 modulators capable of audio rate speeds (up to 100Hz frequency) with special envelope AD, can be synched to main master clock. Special Komplex Modulator allows to design a modulation mode using the finger on the screen.

ENVELOPE six envelopes with standard ADSR and 2 special looping modes with possibile random fluctuations. 

Sequencer / memory

SEQUENCER     32-step note sequencer

EFFECTS Five simultaneous effects blocks are available with eight effects algorithms are on offer (phaser, chorus, flanger, delay, reverb, EQ, drive and compressor). Effects such as delay can be synched to the whole machine (eg. sequencer and lfo)

SEQUENCER features a very basic 256 steps sequencer, but syncable to external Midi clock.

MEMORY  Up to 10,000 sound patch capacity

waldorf expensive beast! deluxe!

Waldorf Quantum Specifications

    -61 Keys  Fatar TP/8SK keyboard, channel aftertouch
    -8 voices polyphony
    -Dual timbral: split or layered mode with separate stereo audio outputs

  3 stereo digital oscillators each capable of five synthesis algorithms
    Wavetable: Waldorf style with latest additions from Nave including speech synthesis, wavetable generation from audio and new features
    Waveform: Waveform with up to 8 simultaneous waves per Oscillator in detuned or chordal mode with hard-sync, warp & PWM as well as tunable noise
    Particle: Sampler in traditional and granular mode using multi-samples or live input
    Resonator: Exciter using multi-sampling plus filter bank sound model.
    New Kernel synthesis with possibilities from classic 6 operator FM to innovative audio rate wavetable modulations
  Two analogue lowpass filters per voice each in 24 or 12 dB configurationmodes
    Digital former: Additional digital algorithms per voice like comb filter, high-pass, band-pass & notch filters (Nave, Largo or PPG models), bit-crusher, drive and more
-Routing system for order of analog filters & digital former and individual oscillator routings
    6 LFOs in poly and global mode with extensive parameter set
    6 loopable envelopes
    Komplex: multistage LFO/envelope modulator
    Extensive modulation matrix with 40 slots and easy via-controller assignments

    Master effect rack of 5 slots for each timbre choosing from FX like phaser, flanger, chorus, reverb, drive, eq and more.
    Compressor for main output
    Step sequencer with step recording, parameter automation and scale-based pitch quantization
    Microtonal pitch configurations capable of importing Skala scl files
    Capable of polyphonic aftertouch via external MIDI inputs
    Chord and latch buttons
    Unisono mode

    Up to 10,000 sound patch capacity organized by banks, attributes, author and patch number.
    Favourites lists for quick recall of sound patches like for set-lists etc.

    MIDI output of local keyboard, wheels and assignable panel elements
    Automation of sound parameters from MIDI inputs via MIDI CC learn function
    Recording of samples from audio inputs or self-recording of audio outputs
    4 GB*) internal Flash memory for presets, samples and wavetables
    Pre-loaded with approx. 2 GB sample data
    On board audio file editor
    Export & import of presets, sample & wavetable via SD card or USB drive
    Import of Nave presets and selected legacy FM .syx files

  Weight: 17.8kg
    Dimensions: 1006 x 401 x 131 mm

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