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Waldorf Blofeld

Virtual analog module (2008)

Budget virtual analog module loaded with famous wavetable from PPG cult machine


OVERVIEW Metal Enclosure  (white or black outlook) with big lcd display (128 x 64 pixels, b/w, white background LED) and  7 endless stainless steel Dials reported to fail quite often and need replacement.

-Waldorf Blofeld keyboard is the keyboard version (it was hard to guess)

Terminal connectors:
Output 1/4" right and left/stereo
Headphone Jack 1/4" stereo
Pedal Control 1/4" sustain
USB Uses standard USB MIDI Driver provided by host computer 


OSCILLATORS up to 25 Voices + 16 part multi timbral. Each voice is composed by 3 oscillators, and each is digitally circuit-models of analog waveforms: Pulse with variable pulse-width, sawtooth, triangle and sine wave.
Oscillators 1 and 2 feature the two wavetables that were introduced by the Waldorf Q and appeared shortly thereafter in the Micro Q series. Blofeld includes all ROM Wavetables from cult Waldorf Wave as well as Microwave II.  The three oscillators, the ring modulator and the noise generator can be freely mixed into filter 1 and filter 2. This allows fine control over the harmonic content of each of the tone generators. Of course the blofeld does not even sound close to wave or ppg monster, but you can get an idea. May waldorf should stop relying always on old glories Roland.

SAMPLE optional (expensive)License SL  expands with 60 megabytes of sample flash memory available for factory and user samples. These samples and multisamples go through BlofeldĀ“s vast synthesis engine just like the standard oscillators. And like the oscillators, samples can be used as an FM source or destination. You can also apply ring modulation, dual filters and overdrive like a "nomale" wave.

ENVELOPE there are 3 EGs with ADBSSR structure, which stands for: Attack, Decay, Break point, Slope, Sustain and Release. 
- 1X DCO1 amplitude: 6-stages ADBSSR
- 1X DCO2 amplitude: 6-stages ADBSSR
- 1X VCF: 6-stages ADBSSR

LFO 3 LFOs  syncable to MIDI Clock
Note Retrigger with adjustable Start Phase.

FILTER 2 independent Multi Mode Filters with resonance up to Self-Oscillation
Low Pass 24 dB / 12 dB
Band Pass 24 dB / 12 dB
High Pass 24 dB / 12 dB
Notch 24 dB / 12 dB
Comb Filter with positive / negative Feedback


EFFECTS two sets of digital effects for each program: Effect 1 and Effect 2. Effect 1 features either chorus, flanger, phaser, overdrive o. Effect 2 adds delay, clocked delay and reverb.

ARPEGGIATOR  programmable arpeggiator with 15 user-slots with 16 input notes with glide, shuffle, pauses,

MEMORY 1024 slot for patches can be saved + 128 Multi-Programs (performance). Optional 60 mb ram for sample import.

James Bond's antagonist BLOFELD naked

Waldorf Blofeld Specifications

Sounds More than 1000
Multitimbral 16 part
Voices Up to 25
Memory 60 MB of sample memory
Effects 3 oscillators per voice
2 independent multi mode filters per voice
2 drive stages per voice with selectable drive curves
3 fast LFOs per voice
4 fast envelopes per voice
16 step programmable arpeggiator
All Q oscillator modelsAll microwave II/XT/XTk wavetablesFilter FM

Triple FX S&H, ring modulation and chorus
Delay (only available on global effect slot)
Clocked delay (only available on global effect slot)
Reverb (only available on global Effect slot)

Knobs 7 endless stainless steel dials
Display Graphic display 128 x 64 pixels, b/w, white background LED 
Output 1/4" right and left/stereo
Headphone Jack 1/4" stereo
Pedal Control 1/4" sustain
USB Uses standard USB MIDI Driver provided by host computer OS

Nominal Voltage DC 12V
Power Supply Input Voltage 100 - 240 V
Current Consumption 0.3 A
Power Consumption 5 W

Dimensions (HxWxD) 2.12 x 11.96 x 5.19" (54 x 304 x 132 mm)
Weight 2.86 lb (1.3 kg)

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