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Technics KN-1000 



Overview and synthesis

KEYBOARD  61 keys with velocity, the sensitivity of which depends on the response curve chosen out of ten available. The rear panel has a stereo output, a stereo input (for processing an external source via internal amplification, with a power of 10 watts), th MIDI IN OUT THRY,  two pedal sockets (one for volume, the other is assignable e.g sustain, start / stop, recall of memories ...). About  112  buttons and  built-in amplification and a floppy disk drive for storage

SYNTHESIS 32 voices polyphony - PCM rompler with 150 tones in the memory (samples and multisamples) include sounds of acoustic instruments, percussion and drums, plus some synthetic and basic transient attack waveforms. A sound is composed of one to three PCM each associated with programmable parameters (e.g volume, pitch tune, detuning, 4 segments ADSR type envelope, pitch and amplitude modulation, control vibrato by the modulation wheel, volume sensitivity to velocity and keyboard tracking, sensitivity of attack speed to velocity, glide).
The internal sounds are divided into 50 instruments families accessible via a the matrix buttons (e.g piano, strings, brass ...)

technics kn1000


ARRANGER  120 preset styles + 10 of which are user-programmable.  ROm part is organized in 40 families, and each of the 120 rom styles has a total of five patterns (basic pattern, intro, ending, fill-in 1/2), which are linked by pressing the corresponding keys. An accompaniment requires five parts: bass, drums, and accompan 1/2/3 and 10 classica chords and their reversal: M, 7, 7M, +, m, m7, -, m7b5, m7M, 7sus4). In one fingered mode, one, two or three keys are enough to execute major, minor and seventh, or minor seventh chords.

EFFECTS internal mixer parts with assignable pan pot and digital DSP for a reverbs and echoes

SEQUENCER eight-track sequencer with 4,900 notes, expandable to 6,600 notes by balancingthe memory of the programmable styles.
All can be saved tooptional floppy disk drive (model SY-FD20). Special "medley" play function will successively load up to twenty sequences to chain them in reading.


Kn1000 Technical Data


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Audio demo and video 

Technics Kn1000 ATechnics Kn1000
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