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Emu Vintage keys




emu vintage keys

audio demo Country: USA
Weight: 3 kg
Dimensions: 222,3 x 130,2 x 79,4 mm
audio demo trend price : 150€
manual demo video comments

Emu Vintage Keys
Classic Analog Keyboards (1993)


Vintage keys (model 9045) is an ffordable rompler expander packed with samples from famous vintage keyboards and synths.

Most of the samples were imported from classic Emulator III sound libraries.

vintage logo

info RACKMOUNT 1 rack height unit.
The main panel features a 16 X 2 lines display, 5 buttons and a rotary encoder.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- Midi interface
- main out
- 4 mono AUX out

Front panel terminal connectors:
- headphones.



edit TECH
main core is a Motorola 68000 (FN10) CPU manages 32 voices polyphony, EMU DACS are 6 X 16 bits analog devices AD1860. A basic patch s composed by 1 or 2 PCM waveforms Primary + Secondary with some edit controls:

emu vintage plus expansion - sample start offset
- tuning pitch
- reverse mode
- sample start delay
- CHORUS parameter (not dsp) fatten the sound, but takes 2 voices.


WAVETABLE internal 8 MB ROM contains 249 PCM at 16 bits 39 KHz sampling rate mostly based on vintage synthesizers and keyboards.

wavetable vintage Some famous synth are preset on the rom e.g Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond, Prophet, Minimoog D, ARP Odyssey, Mellotron, Oberheim but also some acoustic shots and drum samples.

demo Hear Mellotron

expand UPGRADE
the PLUS OPTION is a non-standard SIMM (model: #9055 with Asahi Kasei memories) can be installed into the dedicated slot doubling the ROM samples to extra 8 MB (means + 185 new samples). Latest Vintage Keys modules (number #9056) were directly released as PLUS standard with a specific logo script.

plus rom vintage PLUS EXTRA SOUND LIST: Dyno Rhodes, Yamaha DX7 FM Electric Pianos, Emulator II, Emulator III, Sequential Circuits, Oberheim, Roland analog synths, ARP analog synths, Emu SP-1200, Boss DR55, Roland TR808, Chapman Stick, Fender P-Bass and Electric Sitar.
demo Hear DX7 tines


up to 16 parts with some control parameters:

- individual Midi channel
- panning stereo
- pitch tune
- volume mix
emu vintage keys


adsr ENVELOPE 3 EGs:

emu vintage keys - EG1 primary amplitude: 5-segments AHDSR
- EG2 secondary amplitude : 5-segments AHDSR
- EG3 AHDSR is assignable by control matrix to various parameters such as filter or pitch.
TIP: AHDSR stands for attack, hold, decay, sustain and release.


lfo LFO 2 delayed digital modulators (5 shapes with variable symmetry:triangle, sine, square, sawtooth and random) and key retrig function. Destinations:

emu vintage keys - LFO 1: osc pitch
- LFO 2: VCA
demo Hear LFO SH

filter FILTER
structure is based on 3 ASIC chips: the primary and secondary OSC features an individual digital resonant filter lowpass at 2 / 4 poles configuration.

emu vintage keys demo Hear filter


memory MAINTENANCE 2 common issues:

- DISPLAY dead dark zones on the display like stain

- ENCODER: after some times the encoder may go random just clean it with Q-tip and dedicated liquid product.

lcd dark


memory MEMORY:
- RAM: 256 patches
- ROM: 256 presets.


<--- LEFT Battery replacement

RAM works with a 3V lithium battery model Br-2340 set in a plastic holder, but I managed to fit a more common and cheaper BR-2325.

memory OS on two EPROM 27C010



OS binaries



family RELATED FAMILY there is a LOT of confusion between "vintage" models:

emu vintage family

- Classic keys: budget version with cheaper board, some effects but no filter (means no cool sweep pads). The weakest.

- vintage pro: many years later the vintage keys has been updated with "PRO" with brand new 32 mb wavetable and Z-plane filters - Far better!

- Vintage Keys: Keys version of Vintage PRO, 32mb ROM.




effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION the vintage keys has many classic instruments, many have a VST free plugin versions:

nanotron Nanotron
(mellotron choir, flute and strings)
VST free

mellotron choir, flute and strings


audio oddy Mr. RAY
VST Free


fender rhodes

Minimoogue -Minimoogue
-EFM Oddse
-OBXD synthesizer
VST free

-Moog minimoog
- arp odyssey
- ob obxa



demo factory demo 1
demo factory demo 2
demo water skies
demo another mellotron
demo filter test
demo Tines EP DX7
demo stairway to tron
demo sample and hold
demo awake
demo string clavi
demo Fairlight
demo Hammond B3
demo Roland TR808 like
demo prologue



Emu Vintage Keys Plus Demo Emu Vintage keys demo 1  in my garden
Plus Demo demo 1 in my garden




Company: E-MU
Model: Vintage Keys
: Module
Dates: 1993
Price: 150€
Display: 16 X 2 lines LCD
Synthesis: PCM rompler
Resolution: 16 bits
N. samples: 249 PCM
Sampling rate: 39 kHz
Polyphony: 32 voices
Multitimbric: 16 parts
Filter: digital low pass
LFO: 2 modulators
Envelope: 3 EGs

Effect: none
Memory: 256 slots
DAC :AD1860
OS: V1.03
Demo: 14







Reset procedure

Enter diagnostics mode, power on with both cursor keys held down- scroll down until you get to the "initialize" option. Hit enter




original scan
effet original brochure




emu vintage for sale




mc68000 cpu circuit board audio demo


solid solid
CHEAP as hell NERVOUS edit


REVIEW "Samples are a bit old and programming could be tedious. However some great programmed sounds there! Also you may consider the Roland M-VS1 which is even cheaper."

manual manual
- vintage related - static sound
- edit

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Emu Vintage Keys Emu Vintage Keys
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