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Sequential Circuits Prophet VS




Sequential circuits prophet VS

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Sequential Circuits
Prophet VS (1986)

A special analog-digital hybrid version of the famous Prophet 5 with vector joystick.
prophet vs logo

info KEYBOARD 61 velocity keys with rudimentary aftertouch function.
Main panel features a 16 x 2 lines display, 58 push buttons, 2 knobs and a slider for value entries.
On the left side there are 2 wheels for pitch bending / modulation and a vector joystick.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- stereo out
- Midi interface
- sustain pedalswitch input
- pedalswitch input assignable to arpeggiator / latch / transpose.

edit TECH
main core Motorola MC68000 manages 8 voices polyphony, DAC CEM3365
A VS voice is composed by 4 detunable digital oscillators called A-B-C-D. Each OSC digitally reads a short-cycled waveforms, but unlike PGG or Waldorf Microwave synthesis, the VS cannot achieve a well-structured wavetable scan process.


edit WAVETABLE ROM contains 96 PCM (128 samples long) in mainly composed by basic waveforms such as square, sinewave and acoustic instrument spectral short harmonics.

vswaves In addition 32 user-definable RAM waveshapes that can be loaded by external Midi SDS dump or manually, drawing the harmonics with the joystick.

demo HEAR wavesequence

lfo PERFORMANCE various playmodes:

prophet vs tech - split plays 4 keys on either side (user-defined split point)

- double plays only 4 keys, but each key simultaneously uses 2 programs

- unison stacks 8 voice for fat solo with variable glide portamento

- aftertouch is assignable to filter cutoff or pitch modulation.

lfo LFO up to 2 modulators (shapes: triangle, square, saw up-down and random) and 6 destinations:


- LFO to filter
- LFO to voice mix
- LFO to opposite LFO rate
- LFO to amplitude
- LFO to stereo panning.
- LFO to pitch OSC

3 analog EG groups: EG VCF + EG VCA + EG voice MIX.


- EG VCF and EG VCA are the same each featuring 5 stages + 5 levels and 6 segments loopmodes.
- EG Mix is simpler: just 4 rates + 6 loop modes.

VECTOR MOTION the joystick defines the oscillators mix moving it toward one of the ABCD oscillator which is pretty nice for some texture patterns. The traced motion can be also recorded and replayed.

lowpass resonant analog VCF based on 8X CEM 3379 or 3389 digitally controlled quantised in 99 digital scaled values.

cem 3379 filters demo HEAR filter in action

section features a 2 to 4 octaves range and various traditional playmodes:
up, down, up-down, reverse, random and assign (which is the order you press keys).


SYNC the arpeggiator frequency can be set internally or synched to external Midi clock, latch mode (with pedal) and real-time note-shift transpose. The special REPEAT function allows to play up to 4 times the same note before going to the next one.

demo HEAR arpeggiator


edit EFFECT stereo analog chorus based on BBD MN3209 with variable rate and depth parameters.

bbd demo HEAR chorus full amount

memory MIDI
excellent ! full Sysex implementation for edit and librarian purposes.

memory MEMORY
- 100 RAM patches
- 32 RAM PCM.

motherboard battery

TIP: Memory can be expanded with special cartridge model VSRAM 241 that doubles available locations + 32 more PCM waveforms.

LEFT BATTERY REPLACEMENT RAM battery is a 3V Lithium battery

-click to magnify pic-

lfo OS
is in 2 eprom 27C256 LSB + MSB latest is 1.2V


the most common failure comes from the voices allocation managed by one of the chip IC CEM 5530 multiplexer sample and hold, easy to break and it is NO more available on the market - now really quite hard to find out anywhere.

cem IC repair Some people managed to clone this rare chip but this project has never been officially released.


EDITOR some free and commercial computer-based softwares:

- VECTOR SURGEON (FREE) java platform

- Soundquest ($$) MAC PC

- Prophet VS Editor for iPad ($$) IOS
prophet vs editor


family VS Related family:

vs rack

Prophet Vs Rack

same rackmount version



effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are some free and commercial samples set:

free sample download



VST plugin


sampleset 2 AUGUR

VST plugin




demo mystic vector
demo sweet organic
demo glissando test
demo raw panning
demo another vector bell
demo wave sequence
demo Strings
demo open filter paddie

demo chorus BBD
demo waves sequenced
demo digital choir
demo arpeggiator
demo low pass filter test
demo square punch
demo movie from 60'


Prophet VS Factory Demos beautiful Prophet VS pad VS Vector Synthesizer
Factory Demos Sounds VS Vector


Company: Sequential Circuits
Model: Prophet VS
Class: Synthesizer
Keyboard: 61 keys
Display: 16 x 2 lines
Dates: 1986
Synthesis: hybrid
Oscillator: 4 DCOs
N.waves: 96 PCM
Polyphony: 8 voices
Filter: analog lowpass
LFO: 2 modulators
Arpeggiator: yes
Sync: Midi
Effect: analog chorus
Memory: 64 slots
Midi: IN / OUT / THRU
CPU: MC68000
VCF IC: CEM 3379 / 3389
OS: latest V1.2
Demo: 15






If you are out of inspiration, just use the RANDOM function to generate brand new sounds! select any program then Hold down Enter -press 2



original scan
repair original advert


original scan
repair original brochure





banner vs


banner vs

prophet vs battery replacement rev a Lfo
award award
Classic Synth hybrid king


REVIEW: "If you're into '80 digital-hybrid pad, then this is THE machine for you! I love the possible textures from this vintage classic! in the other hand, VS is quite fragile and extreme care is needed for maintenance, some IC are NOT easy to find out! "

manual manual
-great textures -reliability
-keyboard quality
-analog filters  


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Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Sequential Circuits Prophet VS
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