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Kawai K1M



kawai k1M

info Country: Japan
Weight: 1,3 Kg
Dimensions: 370 (w) x 260 (h) x 80 (d) mm
audio demo trend price : 150€
manual factory patches demo comments

Kawai K1M
Digital Synthesizer Module (1988)


K1 Module version, classic budget digital synthesizer based on 8-bits short cycled waves.

k1 and k1m
kawai k1m tech

info SOUND MODULE The main panel features a 16 X 2 lines backlit display, 25 buttons, a slider edit for data entry and a vector joystick for volume mix.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- Midi Interface
- main signal out
- headphones out

acPower supply is external with 12V DC / 500mA - any general PSU AC/DC 9/12V can work with correct polarity -)+


edit TECH a 8-bits cpu NEC D78310G manages up to 16 oscillators or voices polyphony- relative DAC is a uPD-6355G. Each K1 voice is composed by a maxium of 4 assigned waves or SOURCES with a simple ringmodulator (fixed depth) which modules the sources.

pcm demo hear ringmodulator


wavetableWAVETABLE ROM contains 256 waves at 8-bits resolution organized in 2 families:
- PCM acoustics: 52 waves sampled from true percussions & drums.
- VM cyclic waveforms 204 waves: generated by additive synthesis process out of 128 harmonics
composed by 2 sub-categories:

signal flow

* BASIC classic basic waveforms e.g square, saw and sine.
* FREQUENCY RANGE are spectral transients e.g piano, strings, brass, lead, bell and organ.

demo hear all PCM waves / some VM waves



adsr PERFORMANCE machine manages up to 8 parts with individual parameters:

kawai k1m

- keyboard zone assign

- voices reserve (priority)

- mix gain level

- Midi channel assign

- semitone transpose

- pitch tune.

a 4-segments + 1 time EG DADSR for each source.
There are 18 preset velocities curves but no possible edit.



LEFT - Vector joystick controls a global mix amplitude EG moving between 4 oscillators

demo hear pad vector


lfo LFO
a single oscillator (4 shapes: triangle, sawtooth, square and random) modulates 2 destinations:


- LFO to pitch
- LFO to amplitude

demo HEAR all lfo WAVES

midi MIDI
standard implementation with just a few CC# but full compliant to Midi Exclusives data for both edit and backup.

memory MEMORY
- 64 RAM standard patches
- 32 RAM multitimbral
RAM is doubled with memory card model DC8, also compatible with DC16 and DC32.

k1m motherboard

- LEFT - Battery replacement: soldered lithium battery 3V Cr-2032

- click to enlarge pic -


kawai k1 circuit bent!

K1m model has been mutilated and bent: sound is just crazy! hear a demo.

memoryLast modified K1m ha been sold. Time for another project, thanks :)


memory EDIT there are some editors like:

- soundquest (mac/pc) PIC
- soundiver (mac/pc)
- soundlib (pc)
- caged artist (Atari ST) PIC
- K1 edit (Atari ST) shareware) PIC
- Kawai K1 editor (Commodore Amiga) PIC
atari st k1 edit


memory K1 related models:

kawai k1 k1 II family



K1 original keyboard version.

k1r rackmount version without joystick

K1 II: reverb and new drum waveforms

K1 rII: rackount version of K1 II minus joystick and effect DSP



effet VST PLUGIN / SAMPLED VERSION there are some free and commercial samples set:

cycled waves kungrille free
(cycled waves)


original scan k1m full hd
original scan original scan
catsynth :) Hd bent prototype advert advert

Company: Kawai
Model: K1
Class: Synthesizer
Keyboard: 61 keys
Display: 16 x 2 LCD
Dates: 1988
Synthesis: PCM rompler
N.waves: 256 PCM
Resolution: 8 bits
Oscillator: 4 PCM
Polyphony: 16 voices
Multitimbric: 8 parts
LFO: 1
Envelope: 4 DADSR
Filter: none
Memory: 64 slots
Latest OS: V1.3
CPU: D78310G
DAC: 6355G



demo full track: only K1
demo full track: by J.Noyce
demo full track: Multi mode 1
demo ambient: 1 - 2
demo Vector: strings
demo Synth: 1 - 2 - 3
demo Noise: 1 - 2
demo piano: midi - rhodes
demo organ: farfisa like
demo brass: saturday night
demo percussion: Klendathu
demo XP: all PCM waves
demo XP: first VM waves
demo XP: ringmod s1>s2
demo XP: all LFO waves

demohave some k1m





kawai k1m
500 free sounds
for k1 k1m k1r - all card dumps.








kawai eporm motherboard p106


Bang for the Buck LOFI Killer


REVIEW "The k1m is a classic for Lo-fi sounds or noisy textures. Don't be fooled by presets and give it a good programming. For unlimited textures bending is a wise choice :) "

manual manual
- bargain price - no filter structure
- Lo-fi industrial sound
- edit


Add Comment or Review manual



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Kawai K1M Kawai K1m Digital Synthesizer Module
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