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Ibanez AD-9



ibanez ad9

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Ibanez AD-9 (1980)


The original vintage analog delay which features a 300 ms time effect. Ibanez made a re-issues still analog but redrawn from scratch with different integrated circuits, in other words: this review is based on the original model from 1981, identical to the prior Maxon version,

delay logo from ibanez

chips and circuits

info PEDAL main panel features 3 knobs, a bypass switch and a diode LED signals power AC.

Terminal connectors:
- mono signal input
- wet output
- mixed output

info Power supply is an external 9v DC with negative center or a 9V battery

info SOUND
delay circuit is based on a Panasonic MN3205 and MN3102 BBD bucket brigade.

info MEMORY a delay time range from 10 ms up to a maximum of 300 ms.

info CONTROL sound can be dramatically changed using the 3 knobs functions:
1- DELAY TIME turning clockwise increases the delay time
2- DELAY LEVEL control for delay signal from 100% dry to 100% wet mixing
3- REPEAT controls the amount of delay signal feedback. On slapback delays REPEAT determines the number of repeats, on shorter delays REPEAT varies the coloration of the sound adjustable from no feedback to oscillation or infinite repeats and that means psycho sound saturations.

ibanez ad 9 circuit




geiger counter audio demo
demo Guitar demo1
demo Guitar demo2
demo Guitar demo3
demo With Roland Tb303 bassliner1
demo With Roland Tb303 bassliner2



video1 video2 video3
clip1 Demonstration clip3



  original scan



original scan




original scan


mn 3205 BBD ibanez ad9 case the ad9 board


- simple
- warm warm sound


- short time
- few controls


REVIEW "Not a long time delay and a bit low-fi bandwidth but warm and "round" sounds make this a great analog delay at reasonable price"

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Ibanez Ad9 vintage edition 4 out of 5 based on 8 ratings. price €200