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Amdek FLK-100




amdek flk- 100 flanger

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Amdek Flk-100
Flanger (197?)


A not well-known pedal from the end of seventies from an early Roland and Boss division AMDEK.

stomp pedal

panasonic mn 3102


info PEDAL The main panel features 4 knobs for sound edit.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- audio input
- audio ouput

ac Powers supply
9V battery or external power supply 9V DC- 1.5mm jack




ac KIT Amdek was famous to be sold in KIT DIY, in other words: you have to assembly it yourself, so maybe when buying an FLK be sure a serious technician made the job.

ac SOUND circuit based on delay line Buck.et brigade from PANASONIC model MN 3102 and MN 3207 (time range from 2.56 to 51.ms) chips.

panasonic mn bucket brigade

ac PARAMETERS 4 MAIN knobs functions:
1- MANUAL controls the center amount of shift.
2- DEPTH intensity of the flanger effect
3- RATE frequency of the LFO modulation for slow or fast effect - range speed from 100 ms to 16s.
4- RES filter resonance Q brilliance for PEAK effect




audio mp3 demo

demo guitar demo1
demo guitar demo 2
demo synth demo


dmk100 demo

flk100 baord

original scan



original scan


behind lateral pedal views


- sound


- Hard to find


REVIEW: "Very good sounding, veyr vintage! FLk Can be both soft or really aggressive, often a problem with flangers ."





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