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Sequentix p3 sequencer

Music system  (2006)



The P3 Sequencer is an 8 track, hardware MIDI sequencer with a 16 x2 character  LED display provides confirmation of pattern data and access to features and configuration options. P3 allows real-time control of track mutes and simple pattern or pattern chain selection across multiple tracks, plus analogue-style editing of patterns. Each of its 384 patterns has independent values for note, velocity, tie, gate, length, gate delay.

P3 has a special self-modifying patterns variation mode, with randomise steps, modulators (like lfo) alter track and global settings It is possible assign front panel knobs to modify or mask these events in real-time, allowing you to create interactive patterns that change predictably as you adjust the knobs - varying in complexity, controlling levels of randomness, and  'morphing' 2 patterns.


Edit midi and  memory

EDIT There are three modes of operation - play, playlist edit and pattern edit. Mode changes are allowed while the sequencer is running.
In play mode, tracks can be muted and unmuted, and 'parts' can be selected individually or in chains. Parts are used to store pattern selections (playlists) for each track, and other settings such as global transpose an 
Pattern edit mode is where patterns can be created and modified using the 16 step keys, and 32 knobs.  There's also a real-time record feature, that allows you to quickly enter a pattern from a master keyboard, before making fine adjustments with the knobs. An arpeggio capture mode allows you to use P3 like an arpeggiator, with the ability to store arpeggios as normal patterns. 

MIDI The unit has MIDI in, four MIDI out (single bus) and sync connections.  It can run as tempo master or sync to MIDI clock, and outputs DIN sync and clock-only MIDI from a dedicated SYNC output.
MEMORY Internal memory is organized in 3 banks of 16, 6 banks of 8, or 12 banks of 4 sixteen step patterns per track (a total of 384 patterns).
Pattern length can be set from 1 to 16 steps, and multiple patterns can be chained in songs. RAM is battery backed, and can be dumped and loaded via sysex Midi.

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Audio demo and video 

Sequentix P3 sequencer Sequentix P3 sequencer
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