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Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

Analog synthesizer (1979)

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

"Famous Prophet with 5-notes polysynth created by genius Dave Smith"


KEYBOARD 61 keys with nicewood case,  two black wheels for pitch and modulation, glide function, all possible sound parameters are there! very handy moogesque A-440 switch and tape interface to save your sounds in very fashioned way. 

There are 3 versions, third and last one is the most common and reliable, but generally the P5 has often technical issues:  
- Revision 1, , instrument code 1000.1, serial numbers 1-182. RARE Uses SSM ICs. These were very unreliable. Cannot be retrofitted for MIDI
- Revision 2, instrument code 1000.2, serial numbers 184 to 1299. Uses SSM ICs. Is usually considered to be the better-sounding version 
- Revision 3, instrument code 1000.3.0 to 1000.3.3, serial numbers from 1300. Quite common. Uses Curtis ICs- These start at serial number 1300

1- tape output (save)
2- tape input (load)
3- release footswitch
4- VCA CV input
5- VCF CV input
6- SEQUENCER I/O (optional model SCI Poly-sequencer)
7- Main signal out (mono)


The Sound

SOUND  main CPU Zilog Z80 manages 5 voices polyphony (also fat UNISON mode) each composed by two syncable VCO (32' to 1' ) based on Curtis  CEM3340. Both oscillators VCO  can generate summable sawtooth waves and square waves (with variable pulse width) and VCO2 adds a triangle wave. VCO2 can be turned to an LFO with "LO FREQ" and modulate VCO1 for FM  type effects. Finally a white noise generator can be mixed to the VCO2 (3 part mixer section)

LFO A dedicated low-frequency oscillator (0,1 to 50 Hz shapes: sawtooth, square, or triangle can be mixer) is able to modulate the widht pulse, the VCO and the VCF. LFO and noise can be used with modwheel to various destinations: Osc-A Freq/Osc-B Freq/Osc-A PW/Osc-B PW/Filter Cutoff.

FILTER  low-pass filters resonante CEM3320 VCF (REV1/2 with punchier SSM2040) with very basic filter tracking (on or off..)

Memory - 40 (original) to 120 patches depening on version

video demo

Sequential Prophet 5 Technical Specification

Manufacturer: Sequential Circuits
Model: Prophet5
Type: analog polysynth
Keyboard: 61 keys with no velocity
Dates: from 1978 to 1984
Original price US$4,595 (Rev 3)
Actual price: 4000€
Technical specifications
Polyphony: 5 voices
Oscillator: 2 VCOs per voice
LFO: 1 modulator
Filter:4-pole resonant low-pass
EG: ADSR envelope (2)
Storage memory: 40 patches (120 patches on later units)
Weight: 35lbs /16 kg
Dimensions: 16"X 37.5" X4.5" 

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Sequential Circuits Prophet5 Sequential Circuits Prophet5
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