Sequential Circuits
Prophet 2002

Digital Sampler (1985)

Rack version of a Sequential Prophet 2000 Keyboard, with technical upgrades, more memory and more stable unit


OVERVIEW Rackmount unit

-Studio 440 cult sampler - drum machine and sequencer that used a similar p2000 core
-Prophet 3000  a new machine with 16 bits sampling
- plus edition adds more ram and 8 out expansions factory 

Terminal connectors:
- Sample Input (Front) with impedance switch
- Midi Interface (thru can be set also to extra out)
- 2 footswitch input
- stereo out + possible 8 more individual out (depends on model)
- power input


SAMPLING   Big rack mount unit with basic numeric display The sound engines generates 8-voice polyphonic machine and relative time sampling is limited to 512 kb with recording rates of 15,625, 31,250, and 41,667 kHz at 12-bit grungy audio resolution. A patch can be composed with up to a layer of 8 samples with loop mode.

ENVELOPE eight EGs with 4 segments ADSR

FILTER Filter - 8 analog VCF resonant low pass filter  CEM3379

STORAGE  External storage was available through 3.5" diskettes now can be updated to gotek virtual usb drive

Prophet 2002 specifications

Country: USA
Display: segment
Manufacturer Sequential Circuits
Dates 1985–1987
Price GB£2,000 (approx.)

Technical specifications
Polyphony 8
Timbrality Multitimbral
Synthesis type Sample + Analog
Filter 8 analog VCFs
EG 8 analog ADSR envelope generator
Velocity expression Yes
Storage memory 256 kilowords (expandable to 512)      


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