Sequential Circuits
Prophet 2000

Digital Sampler (1985)

Firs sampler from dave smith! now vintage with tiny memory, but analog filters


OVERVIEW  61 keys keyboard with with basic numeric display and awful membrane buttons (later corrected on rack version)

-Studio 440 cult sampler - drum machine and sequencer that used a similar p2000 core
-Prophet 2002  rackmount version with better buttons, more stable and more memory

Terminal connectors:
- Sample Input with impedance switch
- Midi Interface (thru can be set also to extra out)
- 2 footswitch input
- stereo out 
- power input


SAMPLING  The sound engines generates 8-voice polyphonic machine and relative time sampling is limited to 256 kb with recording rates of 15,625, 31,250, and 41,667 kHz at 12-bit LOFI audio resolution. A patch can be composed with up to a layer of 8 samples with loop mode.

ENVELOPE eight EGs with 4 segments ADSR.

FILTER Filter - 8 analog VCF resonant low pass filter Curtis CEM3379

STORAGE  External storage was available through 3.5" diskettes now can be updated to gotek virtual usb drive.

Prophet 2000 specifications

Country: USA
Display: segment
Manufacturer Sequential Circuits
Dates 1985–1987
Keys: 61
Price GB£2,000 (approx.)

Technical specifications
Polyphony 8
Timbrality Multitimbral
Synthesis type Sample + Analog
Filter 8 analog VCFs
EG 8 analog ADSR envelope generator
Velocity expression Yes
Storage memory 256 kilowords (expandable to 512)      


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