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Sequential Circuits Programmer Model 700

8-steps Sequencer (1976)

analog sequencer

"Early sequencer from 1976 with 3 CV + 2 EGs.
The Model 700 from SCI is a sound programmer originally designed for both Moog Minimoog and ARP 2600 " 

 Main Data 

The  Model  700  Programmer

Company: Sequential Circuits
Model: 700
Class: Sequencer 
Dates: 1976
Country: United States
Weight: / Kg
Dimensions: / mm
Price: 700€

- Display: numeric Led
- CV out:s 3 quantisized 0-5V
- 2 EGs 5 segments DADSR  
- IC CA3080 OTA

At least 2 main revision boards, some with SSM IC.

Rear panel connectors:
- 2 EG input
- 3 CV out
- 1 CV input
- 1 input (+1 strig In)
- 1 trigger input
- 1 foostswitch input (program increment)


- No official VST plugin

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 Model 700 In details 

Sequential Model 700 programmer

 VOICE Model 700 Programmer consists of 2 envelope generators and 3 general-purpose voltage sources 0-5V CV.

Model 700 works in 3 main modes:
- Playback: plays sequence 
- Record: records modifications
- Variable: same as playback but you can modify parameters on the fly (in playback these are locked).

CV / Gate

3X CV generation with CV control 0-5V.

The programmer offers both "normal" gates and special S-trigg for the some Moog synthesizers, including the classic monster Model D.

EG generator

2 Envelope Generato DADSR (with delay segment) with amount rate. Classical setup is Envelope 1 should be connected to the VCA, and
Envelope 2 should be connected to the filter control input. 

Input Control

It is possible to hook an external cv to add CV tension e.g for transpose.
The switch "ADD EXTERNAL" must be enabled on front panel.

8 -Steps

Trigger inpu can switch a step forward, providing a 8-steps sequencer mode.

SEQUENCE LENGTH:  Rotary switch is used to select how many programs to cycle through before resetting to program 1.

Data flow

Model 700

Model 700 memory


Each of the 8 selectable memory bank contains a different set of 8
programs for a total of 64 RAM slots.


The memory in the programmer is non-volatile,
Internal memory works with 3  AA batteries.

Our Verdict 

"A piece of history, very fun and EG is a special feature. Today may be pricey (around 700€) with necessary overhaul.  " 





Quality / 



- A bit limited
- maintenance
- pricey


- vintage
- design

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Model 700 and model 800

Audio demo and video 

Sequential Circuits Programmer Model 700 Sequential Circuits Programmer Model 700
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