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Roland SDX330




Roland SDX330

info Country: Japan
Weight: 3,8 Kg
Dimensions: 482 x 306 x 47 mm
audio demo trend price : 200€
manual schematics demo video comments

Roland SDX-330
Dimensional Expander (1994)


Digital rack effect full of choruses and complex modulation effects including famous Roland RSS dimensional, a proprietary technology based on psychoacoustic algorithms.


info RACKMOUNT 1 unit.
Main panel features a double display, 12 buttons, led peak meter, 1 rotary data encoder and 2 knobs.

panel terminal connectors:
- Midi interface
- main signal out
- signal input +4dBu / -20dBV
- bypass pedalswitch input
- control pedalswitch input selects a parameter to edit
- expression pedal input.


edit VOICE main core engine is based on a 16 bits CPU NEC up-D70433 signal is processed at linear 16 bits / 44 kHz and a Frequency Response range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

CPU NEC upd70433.


edit DAC / ADC is an Asashi Kasei AK4501 VSE-1 sub.

CPU NEC upd70433.


edit INTERFACE: basic interface with sub menu, system, quite annoying.

CPU NEC upd70433.


edit EFFECTS all sound patches are based on 16 algorithms by custom DSP TC6088AD:

pot STEREO CHORUS a single LFO (triangle or sinusoidal) with variable phase and orientation between left and right channel can be selected.

potSTEREO 3D CHORUS same as previous with some extra 3D RSS controls like azimuth height orientation (speakers must be placed in specific positioning).

pot3D PANNER the sound movess around the listener, also based on RSS technology

potSPACE CHORUS an emulation of the vintage classic effect SDD320 dimension D.

pot2-BANDS CHORUS composed by low band (LFO1 tri sin) + hi-band (LFO2 tri sin).
Each modulator has individual rate and depth on the frequencies that can be split between 400Hz-4kHz (crossover frequency).

pot3-BANDS CHORUS created by low band (LFO1 tri sin) + middle Band (LFO2 tri sin) hi-band (LFO3 tri sin) also here modulators are independent. Two Crossover points frequencies at 100Hz-1kHz and 800Hz-8kHz band.


pot4-BANDS CHORUS 4 bands, 4 LFO: low+low middle+high middle+hi bands.
Obviously 3 crossover points frequencies at 100Hz-1kHz, 400Hz-4kHz and 800Hz-8kHz

potSTEREO 8 PHASE CHORUS8 independent LFO (frequency/phase/depth) modulators with 2 possible waveforms: sinewave and triangle.

pot16-PHASES CHORUS features no less than 16 LFOs, however these cannot be controlled one by one,but macro-edited using 6 different presets chaining modes.

potDETUNE CHORUS based on 6 real-time pitch-shifter engines; each digital shifter can be set at pitch/panning/level parameters.

potENSEMBLE based on 2 independent LFOs for each input + EQ. 6 different mode presets.

potWAVE CHORUS 6 LFO at same time with advanced waveforms: Sin/Tri/Exp/ocw1/ocw2/ocw3

LFO triangle

potVINTAGE CHORUSemulation of traditional analogue chorus model.

potSTEREO FLANGER emulation of standard flanger effect composed by a single LFO with variable depth, frequency and 5 different shapes (tri/sin/exp/ofw1/ofw2)

potROTARY emulation of a Leslie with classic doppler effect including rotor+horn speed, brake emulation and frequency speed.

rotor horn

potAMBIENCE CHORUS a special ambient chorus based on modulators followed by a special lowpass Filter (or highpass mode) + a final stage EQ.





edit MIDI a selected parameter con be controlled using CC# or note triggering in case of a keyboard, in addition it is possible to change the effect number using the program change Midi function.

CPU NEC upd70433.


edit OS is on a single socket EPROM



edit MEMORY:
- 100 ROM patches
- 200 RAM patches.
Memory can be saved to Midi sysex dump.
Battery replacement: standard CR-2032 battery in holder, no soldering.

mainboard sdx330


edit MAINTENANCE typical issues with contact switches that need replacement:

mainboard sdx330





SDE-330- same series, very similar circuit but dedicated to delay porcess.

srv330 SRV-330 dedicated to reverbs and echoes



demo demo1 synth pad
demo demo2 flanger
demo demo3 rotary pad
demo demo4 preset
demo demo5 filter modulation
demo demo6 extreme stereo LFO


Dimensional Expander- Chorus
Dimensional Expander- Chorus


sdx330 capacitor


Company: Roland
Model: SDX-330
Class: Studio Effect
Dates: 1994
Price: 200€
Technology: digital
Resolution: 16 bits
Frequency Response: 20 Hz~20 kHz
Algorithms: 16
Memory: 100 slots
Demo: 6




service manual SERVICE MANUAL




ROLAND SDE330 factory reset

Turn on while holding both PROGRAM and SYSTEM select the kind of data you wish to reset (program/system)



Roland SDX-330 FOR SALE

Roland SDX-330 FOR SALE






logo serial editing resonance

Dates: 1994
Price: 200€
Synthesis: digital
Resolution: 16 bits
Frequency Response: 20 Hz~20 kHz
Algorithms: 16
Memory: 100 slots


REVIEW "Unusual Great effect unit: I really enjoyed it for years for some spectacular modulated choruses, all can be driven by Midi in real-time"

manual manual
-quality - poor edit interface
-outdated by plugin technology.
-advanced modulation  





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