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Roland SC55-ST

Midi sound generator Sound canvas (1993)

Roland sc55st

"Midi canvas module, a home edition / Lower cost more professional SC-55mkII with No display and only one MIDI input. Released in two outfits: white and black color "


OVERVIEW half rack unit with only volume control knob and phones input.
Basically the SC-55ST is a multi-timbral sound module compatible with the General MIDI system, mainly appreciated by retro gamer for old games from the nineties.  lt can be used  to playback any song data (General MIDI system)bearing the General MIDI system mark, but also compatible with the most specific Roland GS format (yamaha used XG).

1- RCA stereo out
2- Midi input
3- PSU input, 9VDC negative center with at last 400mA
4- Serial connector with switch between PC/MIDI and MAC for control



SOUND  PCM rompler with 354 sounds at 18-bit, 32 kHz resolution mainly focused on midi files. Sound cannot be edited on the pannel, only using external controller with sysex implementation, where you can access also basic synthesis parameters such as filter and envelope.However, a couple of VERY BASIC midi CC# can be used like expression, effects amount, sustain (here's the full list).
Machine generates 28 voice polyphony, however some patches have a layer of two samples, thus take 2 voices instead of one; it is possible to set a priority for for stealing, maybe cutting a decaying sound when a new sound arrives.

: 8 choruses +  8 reverbs, all digital of course.

ABOUT PC SERIAL CONNECTIONS this protocol needs pretty old computer and own drivers, at the time where used to avoid buying Midi interface and somehow faster than Midi flow.

Roland SC55ST Technical Data

Model: Sc55 ST
Brand: roland
Country: Japan
Type: midi module
synthesis: PCM rompler
Year Released: 1993
Polyphony: 28 notes 
Multitimbral: 16 parts 
Preset Drum Kits: 9 
ROM: 354 sounds at 18-bit, 32 kHz resolution 
Effects: reverb (8 types), chorus (8 types) 
Power Consumption: 9V, 450 mA 
Dimensions: 218 mm x 250 mm x 46 mm 
Weight: 1.2 kg

video demo

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Roland SC55ST Roland SC55ST
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