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Roland Gr-700

Guitar Synthesizer (1984)

Roland gr700

"Stomp box guitar synthesizer controller by special guitars witrh pitch tracking"


STOMP BOX futuristi design silver-colored heavy duty plastic from the 80' with metal based on Roland jx3p circuit keyboard (but more on Midi module Mks-30 as it contains the famous filter/vca 80017A) big box with 11 big foot buttons, edit functions and numeric display.
Unit can be played using custom roland guitars such as G-707, G-303, G-808 and G-505 using a custom 24 pins cable; there is not Midi input so you can't play it using synth/sequencer.

MEMORY 64 Patch Programs, Battery Back-Up (16K bite RAM)

- memory catridge slot (model m16c)
- guitar input custom 24 pins
- tuning knobs
- optional programmer input (model pg-200)
- Midi out 
- memory protection switch
- pitch control jack
- filter VCF control CV input
- balanced XLR outputs 
- jack outputs with impedanace switch
- Guitar dry out signal



SOUND main core is a 8-bits CPU Intel 8051 manages up to 6 voices polyphony based on subtractive synthesis.
Each voice is composed by 2 DCO digital controlled oscillators with different characteristics:
- DCO1 : 16' 8 ' 4' saw / pulse /square 
- DCO2 : 16' 8 ' 4' saw / pulse /square  with 2 cross mod sync and pitch tuning fine + coarse

FILTER based on IC IR3109 - the multimode VCF lowpass resonant at -24 dB lowpass + static non-resonant highpass 

ENVELOPE a single EG (based on BA662 enclosed on problematic 80017A) model 4-segments ADSR controls 2 sections:
- VCA amplifier with switch between EG / gate mode +  VCF filter
NOTE: although EG is shared, both VCA and VCF have an individual EG polarity inversion.

LFO a single delayed oscillator (shapes: square, saw and sample & hold) and 2 destinations:  DCO pitch  and VCF cutoff. 

Roland gr700

Roland Gr-700 specifications

Brand: Roland
Model: gr-700
Country: Japan
Type: guitar synthesizer
Display: numeric
year: 1984
Response Time: 29.88 ms

INTERNAL MEMORY: 64 Patch Programs, Battery Back-Up (16K bite RAM) 
EXTERNAL MEMORY: Memory Cartridge (M-16C) 
EDIT: 32 SYNTH Parameters (By Using a Guitar Controller)
    6 voice, Dual Oscillator Synth Engine Based on the Roland JX-3P/MKS-30
    3 - Selectable Octave Settings for Each Oscillator, 2’, 4’ and 8’
    Choice of Square, Sawtooth or Pulse Waveform, plus Noise for Oscillator 2
    Cross Modulation Between Oscillators
    Frequency Modulation with Envelope and/or Modulation
    VCF Low-Pass Filter with LFO, Envelope and Pitch Modulation
    Variable High-Pass Filter
    Four Stage Envelope Generator
    Low Frequency Oscillator for Vibrato Effects
    Selectable Dynamic Control Over Pitch, Filter and Amplifier per string
    Selectable Pitch Bend, Hold and Voice On/Off per String

Dynamics Switch (DCO, VCF, VCA)
String Selector Switch (VOICE, HOLD, PITCH BEND – UP / DOWN 1 ~ 6)
Chromatic / Load Switch
Chorus / Save Switch
Memory (Cartridge / Copy, Write) Switch
Output Connector: 2 (XLR / 600W)
Output Jack (STEREO/MONO): 2 (Standard /5 kW)
Guitar Output Jack: 1 (Standard / 1 kW)
Pedal Jack: 1 (FV-200)
PITCH Pedal Jack: 1 (FV-200)
MIDI Output Connector: 1 (5P-DIN)
Programmer In: 1 (6P-DIN)
Guitar Input Controller: 1 (C-24D STD)
Memory Cartridge Slot:1 (Specifically for M-16C)
Output Level Control (H / M / L)
Memory Protect Switch (ON / OFF)
Tune Knob (+50 cents)
Power Switch

Connection Cable (LP-25): 2
Connection Cable (C-24D): 1 (6P DIN /1.5m): 1
Memory Cartridge (M-16C): 1

Programmer: PG-200
Foot Volume: FV-200
Memory Cartridge: M-16C
Carrying Case

Power Requirements: 45 watts
DIMENSIONS:  690(W) x 375(D) x 155(H) mm / 27 – 3 / 16 (W) x 14 – 3 / 4 (D) x 6 – 1 / 8 (H) inches 
WEIGHT:  12 kg / 26 lb. 70 oz. 

video demo

Do you use this machine ? do you like it?  Let us know in the comment field just below 


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Roland GR700 Roland Gr700
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